Stars-the supergiants were “metal factories” of the Universe

Звезды-сверхгиганты оказались «металлическими фабриками» Вселенной

Astronomers from Belgium and the UK were close to solving the mystery blue stars-supergiants.

Until recently, such luminaries almost was not able to study because they very quickly died.

But modern telescopes allowed NASA scientists to get a lot of new data and create computer models of space objects.

“What is our life? Game!”Звезды-сверхгиганты оказались «металлическими фабриками» Вселенной“World mind games”: the premiere of “the World” it Turned out that blue star is one of the last stages of combustion of a dying massive star, according to

Their surface temperature reaches 20 000 – 50 000 degrees Celsius.

Giants can recognize a kind of “metal factories” of the Universe, because, in addition to helium, producing all the chemical elements from the periodic table.

One of the most famous of these stars is Rigel from Orion. It is 20 times more massive than the Sun and shines brighter than 60,000 Suns put together.

Blue giants are clearly visible in the night sky. Astronomers can study its surface with the help of telescopes, but know practically nothing about the internal processes.

In the new study, the representatives of Newcastle and Leuven Catholic universities have established the blue star affect two types of waves.

Gravity crash into their surface, like the earth’s tides – on the shore.

There are also internal waves, which originated in the bowels of the star itself and remind seismic. It is because of them the lights can pulsate and flicker.

The scientists pointed out that the motion of the waves can be understood as moving and rotating supergiant.

These data will serve as basis for studies on the chemistry and physics of stars. In particular, astronomers are going to find out how effective they are metal and how it circulates inside the star.

Earlier it was reported that scientists have discovered a second galaxy without dark matter. This discovery overturns all the accepted theories about the structure of the cosmos.