Start with a clean slate: how to understand Ramadan in Azerbaijan

PHOTO : / Tatiana Poddubskaya


Muslims came to the Holy month of Ramadan. In Azerbaijan began a strict fast. As believers purify the body and soul, knows the correspondent of TV channel “MIR 24” Nermin Abasova.

A lot of praying, to not eat or drink even water for 17 hours. The month of Ramadan is one of the most difficult of the year. Fundy and imams are urged not only to limit itself in food, but also to refrain from bad habits. And be sure to do good deeds.

“This month must forgive all wrongs, to forget everything bad and start life with a clean slate. It is believed that in this month the reward from God will be ten times more. Ramadan – the month of special grace, and the post – the duty of every Muslim” teaches Imam Haci Ilkin Garayev.

Arzu Naghiyev fasts for 20 years. Says Ramadan helps to understand the hungry fed. But more importantly spiritual cleansing.

“Fasting helps us to find harmony with ourselves, comprehend life and understand that Allah hath created,” he said.

To keep the post easier, Arzu advises to do what you love. He goes in for sports.

“The refusal from food and water does not condemn us to inaction. On the contrary, during lent we need to move more, then the body is cleared,” – said Arzu.

Those who for various reasons can’t keep the post, according to the traditions of Islam, must feed at least one needy day. In Azerbaijan say: when we help, also cleanse the soul.

We add that since Monday the restaurants prepare a special menu.