State of emergency in Louisville, Kentucky

State of emergency in Louisville, Kentucky

Yesterday, we disclosed the list of subjects to be discussed during the first presidential debate on September 29. Among the six themes selected, we find that of racial tensions and demonstrations which are on the increase in American cities.

These protests, which began after the death of George Floyd, have never ceased and are now expected to grow in Louisville, Kentucky. Yesterday, the mayor of the city, Greg Fisher, declared a preventive state of emergency.

Fisher fears the reaction of the people of his town when the Attorney General announces whether he intends to prosecute the police officer who shot Breonna Taylor in a failed police operation on March 13.

Last week, the mayor announced that we would pay the sum of $ 12 million to the family of the young black woman of 26 years, while promising the implementation of several reforms within the police force.

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It is not yet known when Attorney General Cameron, the first black person to assume the post in Kentucky, will render his decision. Cameron himself stressed that he needed time to conduct a proper investigation.

As was the case with George Floyd, the death of Breonna Taylor fueled outrage in the black community and protesters across the country chanted her name by denouncing the violence of which she is more often the victim and by demanding reforms. The slogan ” Say her name “, “say her name”, could then be observed on many banners.

The next few days are therefore likely to be once again very animated and the theme of the race question is likely to be particularly followed during the debate. The answers of the two candidates will, of course, be scrutinized.

Joe Biden seems to have won the vote for the black community and his running mate is a black woman. He will certainly not change his discourse and will be sensitive to the demands of this community while insisting on the need to review the approach of the police forces. He will not talk about cutting the budget of the latter as demanded by several demonstrators, he noted how this proposal is unpopular and, in my humble opinion, counterproductive.

If we dissect every word or every proposition of the Democratic candidate, you can guess that nothing will be missed by the president. Its message of “law and order” is well received in some cities or with a certain electorate, but it shows no sensitivity and offers no solution to meet the legitimate demands of the black community.

The first debate between men is sure to attract a lot of attention. If both candidates are to convince voters that they are keeping fit, their answers to the moderator's questions can still influence the outcome.

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