State TV channel “Russia-24” and began to prepare the Russians to the war and life in the bunker

Speak up about the future of the third world.

Державний телеканал «Росія 24» почав готувати росіян до війни та життю в бункері

Journalists channel “Russia 24” has compiled a list of products that need the Russians in a bomb shelter in the event of a third world war, reports Rus.Media.

Host of “News from Alexei Kazakov” explained that in light of the deteriorating international situation because of the Russian position on Syria in social networks and Telegram channels “in a hurry with the inflation of hysteria”. “Write almost about the future of the third world, and that it should urgently prepare for it,” said Kozak.

Despite the fact that the presenter was sentenced distributors of panic, the authors of the program decided to show “food set the day of judgment” to take into the bunker. When preparing emergency supplies in case of war the audience was advised to be guided by the principle of “less sweets, more water.”

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