States know not what they do? Talking about sanctions to Turkey for action in Syria

Штаты не ведают, что творят? О чем говорят санкции в сторону Турции за действия в Сирии

US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo said that Washington has no data about the alleged oppression of the Kurds in Northern Syria by the Turkish troops. This message he confirmed that the operation is “Source of peace” was only directed against the Kurdish terrorist groups. However, States continue to impose sanctions against Turkey.

Where, as they say, logic?

The expert of Fund of development of civil society institutions “public diplomacy” Sergey Prostakov explains this contradiction between the declarations and the behavior of Washington’s true objectives of the White house. In fact, the USA is not as interested in the security of the civilian population of Syria, as the immunity of Kurdish fighters.

In fact, says the scientist, that armed bands of Kurds, the us has been using as a guide its policies in the middle East. I am interested in the White house to overthrow the government of Bashar al-Assad. This indelicate mission States has been entrusted to the Kurdish bandits, who under the pretext of fighting ISIS* had to set in the SAR its own rules to capture the Syrian oil fields and eventually to force the Syrian President to resign or to overthrow him in a coup. Thus, the actions of the Turks, to fight the very same terrorist groups the Kurds, in contradiction with the intentions of the United States.

After the signing, on 22 October, the presidents of Russia and Turkey Memorandum in Sochi, Turkish troops ensured the peace process of withdrawal of Kurdish militants from the border of Syria and Turkey. The head of the Syrian Arab Republic Bashar al-Assad has called this a positive step for peace in the country, to reduce possible damage to the Syrians. Moreover, the Syrian leader reiterated that Russia always compares their actions with the principles of international law. So, the agreement between Moscow and Ankara contribute to the early return of the North-Eastern part of Syria under the control of Damascus.

And this last circumstance is not so satisfied with US that with one hand they write the praises of the Turkish army, and the other write a new package of sanctions in connection with the antiterrorist operation in Ankara in Syria.

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