Stay open, whatever the cost

Rester ouvert, coûte que coûte

After being put temporarily on foot 90% of the employees of its four restaurants have closed and have cancelled the bookings of its facilities of accommodation, a contractor of the Bas-Saint-Laurent took the bull by the horns.

“It is a pity because it was expanding, we had the wind in the sails. Last year, we opened a new facility and had the intention to open others in the coming months,” says the owner of the restaurants Good Travel and 9 restaurant lunch, David Voyer.

David Voyer, with the help of its employees, and its associates, will bring orders directly to customers on their front porch.

Resilient, entrepreneur, 29-year-old, however, didn’t let on. With a few of his associates and the handful of workers that he still possessed, he decided to deliver it directly to the doors of products to its customers ready-to-eat and the regular menu of the kitchens. The all, sometimes disguised as a superhero to give some smiles to people during the crisis.

Steven Guimond Corriveau, an associate of David Voyer, him lending a hand to home delivery.


A local Mitsubishi dealership in the area, closed during the pandemic and willing to help his community, has even offered to lend his car to Mr. Voyer to allow it to be more efficient in its deliveries.

Ready-to-eat-restaurant Bon Voyage.

Besides, now that the remote areas are closed, it receives several orders from individuals outside of the Bas-Saint-Laurent, dedicated to their parents in old age inhabitants of the region.

“It’s fun to see the local assistance through all of this. To see that people are rolling up their sleeves and support the community. The current situation is not easy, but it is a shot to give to survive the crisis”.

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