“Steal!” — N-TV about the loss of expensive ammunition in the barracks of the Bundeswehr

In recent years, the ranks of the Bundeswehr have become frequent thefts, according to N-TV. The Ministry of internal Affairs of Germany is aware of three cases that occurred in different parts of Germany. Bundestag Deputy from the party of the left Vane Tobias suspects that the thefts are a neo-Nazi cell, who wish to obtain military equipment and weapons.

«Воруют!» — N-TV о пропажах дорогостоящей амуниции в казармах бундесвера

ReutersВ the ranks of the Bundeswehr, apparently, there are thieves, writes N-TV. Since 2011, the three barracks were missing weapons and equipment. The Ministry of internal Affairs of Germany considers that in all cases there was a theft.

In one of the barracks of the German army in Pfullendorf missing two laser modules, flare gun, walkie talkie and the store with six bullets. In another barracks in August 2013, it was stolen 60 rounds, and the headquarters of the special forces stole the night vision device. It is noted that the latest kidnapping took place on 27 April 2017, the same day as the detention of one of the officers of the Bundeswehr, suspected that he planned to commit a terrorist act and blame it on the refugees. According to the Deputy of the Bundestag from the left party Tobias Weathervanes, theft could be committed by neo-Nazis serving in the Bundeswehr. He noted that the German neo-Nazi cell a very high demand for military equipment and weapons. Vane demanded as soon as possible to find those responsible for the kidnapping and offered to investigate the activities of neo-Nazi cells in security.

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