Stefano Gabbana insulted the Kardashian family

Стефано Габбана оскорбил семейство Кардашьян

The public is indignant — famous designer Stefano Gabbana, one after another insults the stars in social networks. The first fell under the distribution of Selena Gomez, which the designer called ugly, and the pictures of Ariana Grande he left offensive Emoji. After that, the stars staged a boycott of the fashion house Dolce&Gabbana. However, that did not stop Stefano, because now he began to insult the family Kardashian.

So, under one of the pictures Kim’s Instagram, the designer wrote: “The cheapest people in the world.” It seemed very strange, because Kim and her family has always supported the fashion house, and often appeared in public dressed in the trend. The behavior of Stefano surprised even his fans, but he is in no hurry to explain his actions.

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