Steinmeier allowed himself to criticism of the USA

Штайнмайер позволил себе критику в адрес США

Exactly thirty years ago the Berlin wall fell. The ceremony dedicated to this event with enthusiasm was accepted by all the Western world, by the President of Germany Frank-Walter Steinmeier.

In his speech, delivered in front of the legendary Brandenburg gate, he noted the leading role of the United States, which he called “strong arms of the West.”

At the same time in the speech Steinmeier had moments that can be considered criticism of the United States.

“We Germans owe a lot of this America. This America, serving as a partner on terms of mutual respect, as a partner for democracy and freedom against national egoism. That’s all I want in the future,” said Steinmeier.

Several times repeating the phrase “this America,” Steinmeier has made clear, what makes the difference between US thirty years ago, and USA today.

Edition France Info did not fail to note that there is clearly a clear allusion to the administration trump.

Despite the fact that open criticism of the American President has not sounded, some analysts felt that Steinmeier called “tactless”.

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