Step-grandmother: the large family took to himself a pensioner from a shelter



Large family Egorov settled into his house, the pensioner, who for several years lived in shelters and rehabilitation centers. Her own house was burned, and no relatives left. The new guardians found out about the pensioner of the social networks. They decided to settle Paradise a woman in his house in the Chelyabinsk region. Details learned correspondent of “WORLD 24” Olga Zhemchugova.

Granny Paradise not yet used to being called it. And not because her real name is Rashida, and all the name’s Raisa. A couple of months ago at the pensioner was not the grandchildren, nor children, nor even a roof over your head. The house burned down, the husband died and grandmother was left alone on the street.

“At first I near the entrance, slept on the bench for three months. Then came to me a woman, she said to me: go on feeding, I’ll define”, – said the pensioner.

One shelter, then another. Granny Paradise did not complain. Worked in the kitchen, cooking and washing dishes. Communicated with the volunteers and shared their dreams.

“She was drawing my dream. She painted the house, painted the garden and that she wanted to live in his house. And she long refused, said I now have dreams? But is it possible?” – the volunteer told Svetlana Dimakova.

And after a while the picture became a reality. My grandmother was born and the house and kitchen, and the family, and even a large. The story of a homeless pensioner read sisters Alyona and Kateryna and invited to live with his village in the Chelyabinsk region.

“We were very nervous to meet with this acquaintance, but when it met, met, I realized that Yes, it’s our grandmother,” said a mother of Alain Babin.

Alena has four children. The parents died. And now in the life of a woman, which the children of Alena have already started to call grandmother.

Now help the pensioner to recover documents to retirement and attached to the local clinic. And she finally started now for your garden. Grandma Rai at his big plans. Especially now that there is someone to help.