Stéphane Betbeder: “Déguignet is a beggar who speaks like a scholar”

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Stéphane Betbeder — Gwénaël Saliou – Breton

Breton : How did this adaptation project ?

Stéphane Betbeder : It is a command Sun, of the publishing house. For me, it spoke to me a lot because I’m Béarn and I have lived all my childhood in the countryside with my grandparents. Show a traditional life, as it no longer exists since the intensive agriculture, the report to the animals, the farm, the vegetable garden… It’s about a bygone era that existed up until the 1970s.

You know this book ?

No, I’ve read it before accepting the project. It spoke to me. The very simple style, it is a beggar who speaks like a scholar and who narrates her life of poverty-stricken… It pleased me a lot.

What is your vision of the character ? Who was Jean-Marie Déguignet, a genius, a madman ?

As we say today, a high potential ! The explanation that he gives is beautiful : an accident with a bee that has left a scar by which ideas come… He was born with a high intellectual capacity. He speaks little of his relation of father to his children, if only to grumble against them, we can see it worn a little by feelings, the slush. And it is these people with high potential who have difficulty on the emotional plane.

He wears a severe look on the Britons, their beliefs, their misery…

It is rather contradictory. Even if it is defended, there are things to which he has the air of believing, or, at least, he asks himself the questions above. He is critical of the Britons, but he returned to the country after having travelled the world. These are the contradictions of the character, this is what makes it interesting and novel.

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Memoirs of a peasant bas-breton, tome 1,
Stéphane Betbeder and Christophe Babonneau,
editions Sun, 96 p., 15,95 €

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