Stéphanie Bédard on the road to The lakes

Stéphanie Bédard sur La route des lacs

The pandemic gives rise to ideas of the show very original. After the concerts on the web and in drive-ins, place to benefits on the water ! Throughout the summer, the singer Stéphanie Bédard will occur in the middle of the lakes, on a floating dock.

A few days ago, in Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean, Stéphanie Bédard gave the first two performances of the road to The lakes. The project, born at the beginning of June, is already generating excitement across the province.

“I’m going to do 15 to 20 dates this summer,” she said. I’m going to go up to Mont-Laurier. There will also be the Abitibi, the Gaspé, the Laurentians and Lanaudière. “

Accompanied by guitarist Alexandre Bonneau, it offers the people the spectacle of special requests, Jukebox, she walks for the past two years. But this time, the musicians are in the middle of a lake, on a floating dock.

“The show is really happening on the water,” says Stephanie. People come with their craft. It may be kayak, pedalo, canoe, dock-pontoon. There were Sea-Doo (watercraft) in the past week ! The people leave their homes and come find us. “


With the pandemic, this concept of spectacle on the water also reaches the requirements of the public health.

“On the lakes, it is the regulation of boating,” says Stephanie. This is not considered a gathering. It is just necessary that the boats comply with the two-meter distance and that there are not more than 10 individuals from three different homes by boat “.

Stéphanie Bédard.

The first two shows of the road to The lakes have been very well received, ” says the singer. “The organiser of a private show that we did the other day has received four calls from residents after the show. People capotent ! “

“These are meetings,” she adds. We speak with the residents before the show. Everyone is on vacation. The atmosphere is very relaxed. When we start after it, there is already something that binds us together because we shared a time together. “

The edge of the water


Stéphanie Bédard takes his tour Jukebox.

It is seeking a way to not leave the water’s edge that Stephanie had the idea to go back to the lakes to the other.

“In the summer, it makes me all the time what to leave at home where I am well,” said the singer. In the community of the residents, there are often parades of pontoons, fireworks. The music is also usually a part of it. “

For this first year, the shows are private, or available to municipalities. “It is often a coastal or lake association that we contacted,” says Stephanie. And there are small tours of municipalities which are organised “.

Particular challenges

In proposing the route of The lakes, Stéphanie Bédard faces some unique challenges :

– Have electricity in the middle of a lake is not easy. “We have a technician out pair who has worked for Cirque Éloize, and that made us a set of batteries in a box, watertight case,” said Stephanie.

It is not possible to transport the same dock-pontoon a lake to the other. “There are algae that we don’t want to spread it. We don’t want to carry a part from one ecosystem to another. “

– At locations where motor boats are prohibited, the show can stand in the middle of the lake on a boat floating. “When are the lakes with motor boats, we must stay on a dock attached to the shore, because it moves too much. “

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