Steve Lussier apologizes

Steve Lussier apologized to his former chief of staff Daniel Bergeron on Sunday morning at a very brief press briefing at City Hall. The two men subsequently refused to answer the journalists’ questions.

“I realized that some of my comments had an unwanted reach and created a great misunderstanding between us,” admits Steve Lussier. I want to say that Mr. Bergeron is not a liar, as I read in some media. I understand that this situation has put him in a very unpleasant position and I apologize publicly to him and to his entire family. “

Recall that the citizen Pascal Cyr, former candidate in the district of Desranleau, denounced last week a text from the chief of staff, Daniel Bergeron, in which he invited him to “boost” Évelyne Beaudin with an embarrassing question about his budget request of $ 333,000. In the evening on Tuesday, Mayor Steve Lussier announced that he would replace his chief of staff.

Mr. Bergeron claimed that the text was an order from the mayor and said he had indisputable evidence.

“I did exactly what I was asked. It was a clean and simple action. He had said.

The Mayor denied that he had been made aware of this initiative.

“That I do not see one say that it comes from me, otherwise it will go bad. It does not work. What happens in the office happens in the office. I did not give an order. It’s coming for me. He said last Thursday.


Steve Lussier announced Sunday that Daniel Bergeron will collaborate for the transition of the files to City Hall.

“I’m very proud of it,” he summarized before giving the floor to Daniel Bergeron.

“Last week was particularly difficult for me and my children,” said Bergeron, who had made a media tour last Wednesday. It is with pleasure that I welcome Mr. Lussier’s apology. I maintain that he is a passionate, committed and dedicated mayor.

For me, the page is turned and we will all be behind him to support him in his mandate. ”

Forty people, mostly Lussier supporters during his campaign, were on hand for the press briefing. No city councilor was seen on site. All the people approached by La Tribune refused to comment.

Messrs. Lussier and Bergeron refused to answer the questions of the journalists present. No individual interviews were granted.

The City of Sherbrooke confirms that the legal services and the communications department of the City were not used by Mr. Lussier or Mr. Bergeron in this story.

The invitation to the press briefing was signed by Groupe Loyer avocats and the press release given to the media was written by marketing and communications specialist René Marchand.

“I basically played a role as an editor, says the former journalist. They called me to make sure the message was going to be delivered. The city’s communications department could not interfere in the matter since it is very political. They needed an external consultant. ”

“The whole situation has grown in size, it’s time for them to talk to each other,” said the person who acted as a public relations officer for Steve Lussier during the election campaign. Steve Lussier is really committed to respecting the budget and the money requested by Évelyne Beaudin has been able to bring these emotions. ”

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