Steve Lussier denies lying

“I did not say anything about that! These are the first words of Mayor Steve Lussier in reaction to his former chief of staff, Daniel Bergeron, who claims to have sought citizens to interview Évelyne Beaudin in a meeting of the city council at the request of the mayor.

“It’s new that! I can understand that Mr. Bergeron is angry at the situation, but it is not in my values. As I remember, I did not say anything. ”

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Daniel Bergeron claims to have never acted without having the approval of the mayor beforehand. “He wrote anything on Facebook and it came from me too? Let’s see, “Steve Lussier reacts.

The Mayor admits to having been disappointed to learn that Councilor Évelyne Beaudin was planning to claim a budget to establish a cabinet. “I talked about it quite openly with Mrs. Beaudin. I did not need to mandate my chief of staff. It’s legal, the law is badly made. I myself asked Ms. Beaudin to withdraw her application. It does not make sense what Mr. Bergeron says. ”

Steve Lussier says his former chief of staff violates the city’s code of ethics.

Three other organizers of his campaign claim however that the mayor lied. “I will categorically deny it. If others made requests on my behalf, it was not my intention. I would be curious to know where he took this. Did he record conversations where I said that? It does not come from me. That I do not see one say that it comes from me, otherwise it will go bad. It does not work. What happens in the office happens in the office. I did not give an order. It’s coming for me. Messrs. Boulet, Castonguay and LeBlanc do not know what’s going on internally … ”

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