Steve Yzerman remains optimistic in view of the draft

Steve Yzerman reste optimiste en vue du repêchage

Even if the lottery of the draft of the national hockey League (NHL) has been little favourable to the Detroit Red Wings on Friday night, the general manager of the team, Steve Yzerman, is confident of being able to put the hand on a very promising player.

After you have registered the worst record from the NHL during the last season, the Red Wings will have to settle to recover in the fourth rank. The organization had 18.5% of chances of inheriting the first choice, which will return finally to one of the eight teams that will be eliminated in the qualifying round for the playoffs.

“We get a great hope. Only time will tell us at what point it will become a good player,” said Yzerman in an interview that aired on the official website of the Red Wings.

“Even if we were sorry for ourselves, and it would not change anything. The system [of the lottery] is what it is, and it is the same for all teams. We will have a very good young player and we will do everything that it takes to develop it. Maybe we will be lucky.”

Even if his training was the one that had the best chance of getting the first choice, Yzerman is not surprised that a team mystery has finally got it.

“The eight teams had combined chances of 24.5% to have the first choice. Their chances were bigger than ours,” said Yzerman.

The DG has referred to the situation of the Colorado Avalanche, who, in 2017, had also slipped to the fourth rank in the draft even if the team had the best chances to pick first. They have finally placed a hand on the defender Cale Makar, who quickly proved to be an important asset to the team.

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