Stew will remain in the diet of the Russian military

Тушенка останется в рационе российских военных

Stew will remain in the food allowance of the Russian military. This was announced by Deputy defense Minister Dmitry Bulgakov, reports “Interfax”.

“Our native tostock did not go anywhere and will not leave”, – said Bulgakov.

According to him, no meat, fish, meat and cereal canned rules allowances troops are not withdrawn. The product can only disappear from the set of IRP (individual ration), which contain the daily requirement of food for a week. While Bulgakov explained that in the field stew is one of the main components of the diet, because the ability to get fresh meat or fish there.

Earlier in some mass media there was information that the Russian army will cease to supply the famous canned meat.

In fact, the first canned meat for the army began to use the Napoleon. In Russia, the first cannery appeared in 1870, and the usual food for the Russian soldiers “meat banks” was during the First world war. The capacity was designed to match the daily serving of one soldier.

Earlier in the Russian army introduced the post of chief Sergeant – first assistant commander of the unit. From the main sergeants are required leadership skills and credibility among colleagues and officers. It is expected that the innovation will contribute to the strengthening of military discipline and order in the units.