Still covidiots recalcitrant

Encore des covidiots récalcitrants

Michael Nguyen

With the confinement, which is extended, in the case of individuals recalcitrant, who do not submit to the rules, or who attempt to use the crisis as an excuse to get out of a bad situation, continue to multiply. Here are a few examples of the last week.

Out of jail refused… Because it does not comply with the containment

Accused of illegal possession of a firearm, Ahmad Kadoura has participated in a music video for the rapper AZ.

A young Montrealer accused of illegal possession of a firearm hoped to use the health crisis to get out of jail… then he made himself stop while he violated the rules of containment.

“Even in freedom, Ahmad Kadoura did not meet the basic precautions. It is, therefore, somewhat ironic to invoke the increased risk of transmission in detention, ” said judge Dennis Galiatsatos in a recent decision, the palais de justice of Montreal.

Kadoura, 18 years old, was arrested on 7 April for a case of extortion, while he was in the car with a co-accused who does not live at the same address.

The day before, the police saw him go to two addresses other than his own, in addition to make up a friend in his vehicle.

“This confirms its attitude of indifference and carelessness in regard to the orders from authorities,” said the magistrate, saying with doubt that Kadoura to abide by its conditions if he is released.

Rap video

Especially that the accused likes to show off his 9 mm pistol. In two rap videos posted online in recent weeks, we see him handle a weapon like the detail close to the one that was seized during his arrest.

A co-accused is also visible on the video.

“The gun culture, derived from the american model and which decimates the city of Toronto for the past few years, is now at our door,” recalled the judge blaming Kadoura to “glorify” this mode of life, showing himself to be armed, on the internet.

Thus, even if the risk of contracting the COVID-19 is higher in prison, and even if any new inmate is placed 14 days in quarantine, the judge has ordered that Kadoura remains behind bars pending his trial.

She had not understood…

Surprise a first time with a guest in her home and fined for an amount of 1546 $, a forty-something woman, Chicoutimi has obviously not learned his lesson.

Police in Saguenay are gone Thursday night, handing him his ticket in hand. Then they discovered the lady with another individual. Thus, it has been a second contravention of salt in a week for not having respected the rules of containment, prohibiting gatherings.

His second guest was even tempted to hide in the bathroom to not be seen by the police, without success. The two men were also respectively fined.

An ice cream expensive

A man in the Lower Laurentians, who wanted at all costs an ice cream last weekend, will find that it will be expensive.

The individual was intercepted by the police in Mont-Tremblant, while not a resident, while he was en route to a fast-food chain to carry out the purchase.

After checks, the agents were able to establish that the man lived in a town where the banner is already. Thus, it could be fined for an amount between $ 1000 and 6000 $, depending on the public health Bill.

Hard lesson for six young

The police of Roussillon had to intervene in this residence Saint-Constant to end at a feast, which was attended by six young people.

Six young people who had gathered for a feast have learned the hard way that they must adhere to the rules of containment, then they will share 7304 $ fines, after a neighbour denounced them to the police.

In the night from Wednesday to Thursday, agents of the police of Roussillon occurred in a house in Saint-Constant, on Montreal’s South Shore, because of a noise complaint.

On-site : four adults aged 18 to 22 years, as well as two minors.

Only one young adult was domiciled at this address. He resided with his mother, who was then absent.

Result : the adults have been sentenced to 1546 $ fine each, while the miners have each received a statement of offence of 560 $.

Back-and-forth with the pusher

Visits to a pusher in a period of full containment has allowed the police of Sherbrooke to neutralize a point of sale of narcotics this week.

In addition, nine customers out of the place received a total of 11 664 $ fines for non-compliance with the rules of distancing physical, according to The Tribune.

Thanks to the information of the public, two men of 27 and 51 years were arrested on the spot by the police, in possession of, among others, cocaine and crack.

They could face charges of drug trafficking, possession for the purpose of trafficking and possession of prohibited weapons.

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