Stingy with the guardian angels

Stingy with the guardian angels

Covered by the news during a pandemic, the strike of family childcare providers (RSG) is causing headaches for parents.

It stumbles on the salary issue. RSGs claim to earn less than the minimum wage, around $ 12.42 an hour according to the calculation of a UQTR tax expert. The government's offer would increase that salary to $ 12.83.


The Minister of Families, Mathieu Lacombe, disputes this figure, saying that educators who look after children at home earn around $ 50,000 per year and that they are entitled to various tax exemptions.

Exactly. Having the care of children at home entails costs, including the preparation of a meal and two snacks a day, the purchase of educational materials, to which are added the days that stretch for disinfection in times of pandemic. A boon for the government: it costs more in childcare centers.

In any case, an exemption from taxable income, by definition, reflects money that came out of our pockets while working.

The most precious

The minister's tone is deplorable. Mathieu Lacombe says it is the choice of these women to work from home, which should be reflected in their income, it seems.

We're going to have a problem soon. Has the service provided by all Quebecers in teleworking since March lost value? In fact, it will soon be necessary to think about how employers compensate their employees for their home office expenses.

What HCPs are asking for is recognition of these costs that they themselves have been absorbing for years. They continued to work and to expose themselves to disease so that the parents of the children in their care could continue to seek care and keep the machine running.

Can we now recognize the work of these women who are also guardian angels? After all, they take care of our most precious holdings.

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