Stirbois, Mégret, Lang, Gollnisch, Philippot,… The curse of the number 2 of the FN

Florian Philippot, has announced to leave the National Front, refused to leave the presidency of his organization “The patriots”.

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Florian Philippot, vice-president of the FN, announced on Thursday that he was leaving the party of Marine Le Pen. In the wake of a long tradition of numbers two contested.

Florian Philippot has slammed the door. This Thursday, the one who was the number two in the National Front, vice-president in charge of strategy and communication, has decided to leave the party. A few hours after Marine Le Pen, its president, did not withdraw its delegations. “I was told that I was vice-president of nothing. Listen, I don’t have the taste of ridicule, I never had the taste of nothing to do, so I left the national Front”, said on France 2.


This rebounding final closes, and a long soap opera launched in the wake of the presidential election. After the failure of Marine Le Pen in the second round of the election in the face of Emmanuel Macron, many frames frontistes criticized him for his line is too soft on immigration, and its obsession for a sovereignty monetary. A line promoted by his challenger: Florian Philippot.

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The creation of his association of “The patriots”, a sort of think-thank “gaullo-sovereigntist” as he describes it, has finished installing a climate of tensions within the leadership, which was concluded by his departure. Before him, many of the numbers 2 of the party frontiste have known this disgrace, challenged or even dropped by a party that they have helped to build. As if there was only room for one number one.

Stirbois, the dédiabolisation before the time

First, a young member of the youth Movement revolution, also called “Solidarity”, bringing together alumni of the OAS, Jean-Pierre Stirbois joined the National Front of Jean-Marie Le Pen in 1977. From its first steps in the party, he said he is opposed to any “connotation fascist”, which slows down the development of the FN. His work will pay, in two years the most radical of them are evacuated. The past secretary-general, he knows the local electoral successes exclusively for a representative of the party of the extreme right.

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In 1986, the FN obtained 35 deputies on the lists of “national gathering” combining frontistes and various right. Opposite to the fact that defectors from the right join the party, fearing a “gentrification” of his electorate, it causes divisions and tensions, with its president Jean-Marie Le Pen. In 1987, the party’s leader warns: “be very careful of wanting to strip the bear while he is still alive, he can still remove the head from a blow of a paw.”

To counter the influence of its secretary-general, The Pen enthroned Carl Lang and Bruno Mégret, in favour of a rightward shift of the FN, in the apparatus of the party. An affront to Stirbois, who wants the Front put on an electorate more popular. In the middle of the ascent, the latter lost his life accidentally, a year later, on November 5, 1988.

Bruno Mégret, to the right of any

After the death of Jean-Pierre Stirbois, Bruno Mégret has the freedom to make the National Front a party of the radical right as he advocated for some time. He then places his pawns, usually from the New Right. He launched the journal Identity in order to better expand his influence within the party. In 1991, then in charge of the ideological programme, he accepts her “50 proposals on immigration”.

The discourse of the FN is becoming more radical by the year. The affirmation of the”inequality of races” and the idea that nationality is based on “the floor, the blood and the soul of the people”, come back regularly in the mouths of its executives. Internally, some are worried about a dangerous slip-ups. The regional 1998, the mégretistes manage to impose their strategy: the unions with the right. The Pen, overwhelmed, warns that the FN should not lose its roots anti-system.

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The following european seal the divorce. The Pen offers his wife to lead the list of the FN, He condemns as provocative. A split in the camp mégrétiste is launched, they create their party: the national Front-national Movement. Bruno Mégret takes with him half of the secretaries in the departmental and general advisors.

Carl Lang, the “He” of Marine Le Pen

The nominations for the 2009 european elections have aroused tensions forgotten between the advocates of a National Front right-handed, or more social. While Marine Le Pen has decided to assign the head of the list FN in the district North-East, Carl Lang, close to Jean-Marie Le Pen, Bruno Mégret, and a member of the national bodies – is challenging this decision. Without the possibility to be able to bate some investiture, he decided to start his own movement “the Party of France”.

In its ranks, disappointed of the dédiabolisation initiated by the president of the Front, ex-mégretistes and even relatives of Jean-Marie Le Pen. At the time of its inception, Lang is focusing on the failure of the normalization of the FN and offers “a great alternative to popular, social and european, based on patriotism and social the euro economic protectionism”.

His party is crumbling at the european election, only collecting a few crumbs in the face of the FN. So far, the party is today still alive and has even announced an alliance with Jean-Marie Le Pen and Civitas for elections to the legislative of 2017 under the label “Union of patriots”. A failure there too.

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Bruno Gollnisch, collateral victims

History of the party, a member of the National Front for more than 30 years, near, and former right arm of Jean-Marie Le Pen, Bruno Gollnisch is ordered to resign from political office in the month of may 2016. In cause, his participation in the rally of may 1, organized at the initiative of the ex-president of the party, recently dismissed from his position of honorary president. Event competitor of the official gathering of the FN, porte de la Villette.

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In a “concern of appeasement”, Marine Le Pen will then return on this request, refusing the resignation of his ex-dauphin in the race for the presidency of the party, in 2011. But the damage is done, Gollnisch is now marginalized, infréquentable. As the presidential campaign of 2017 is in advance and that the party must move forward in close order toward this goal, without a dissenting voice.

It will be in spite of everything built-in to the campaign team of Marine Le Pen. Perhaps to ensure that he does not criticize it again in public policy and the political line of the National Front which he denounced the past several months. Too smooth, according to him… because of a certain Florian Philippot.