Stoltenberg before NATO allies raised the “Ukrainian question”

Столтенберг перед союзниками НАТО поднимал "украинский вопрос"

Jens Stoltenberg strongly urges allies to support Ukraine.
NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg urged the allies to make greater efforts to provide assistance to Ukraine.

“I, as General Secretary, always pushing the allies to do more. I urge allies to provide more funds in the trust funds, holding with Ukraine more activities. I encourage them all to do more,” he said Wednesday in Brussels at a press conference on the eve of the meeting of defense Ministers of member countries of the Alliance. As you know, the defense Minister of Ukraine Andriy Zagorodnyuk will participate in the meeting of heads of defense ministries of countries that are taking part in operations in Afghanistan.

Stoltenberg stated that “all allies, both in North America and Europe, provide assistance to Ukraine”. “First of all, we provide political support: again and again we declare that we do not accept the illegal annexation of Crimea and that we support the territorial integrity of Ukraine, support the efforts aimed at finding a political solution, the implementation of the Minsk agreements,” he detailed.

The NATO Secretary General expressed the view that “it looks like that there is some progress”, in particular, took place the exchange of prisoners, there are “several new initiatives aimed at implementation of the Minsk agreements”.

In addition, Stoltenberg said that the allies provide Ukraine with practical assistance.

He also confirmed that in late October the Council will come to Ukraine and visit Odessa and Kiev in order to “get first hand information from the Ukrainian leadership and President Zelensky”.

“For us it is an opportunity to sit down and talk, to exchange views on how NATO can support Ukraine, but to continue to assist Ukraine in conducting reforms, modernisation of its armed forces, the fight against corruption”, – said the Secretary General.