Stoner on Colonel dozhnosti

Укурок на полковничьей дожности

Comrades have happened irreparable – the rank of officer in the police permanently impaired and has lost all meaning. Corporal Cuckoo, known to the General public under the pseudonym of a Stoner, was awarded the primary officer rank – Junior Lieutenant of police. For those who are not aware, let me remind you that we are talking about the same Ukurkom, who prior to joining the police was prosecuted for transporting drugs across the state border, and also only in one year was seven times brought to administrative responsibility for violation of traffic rules. In the first month of police work Zozulya was again attracted by the traffic police to administrative responsibility for speeding in my personal car. Then Zozulya was illegally appointed head of the UPP Lviv, and then the head UPP Kiev. The illegality of the purpose is obvious – from Zozulya did not have higher education, which is a mandatory requirement for appointment to the post nachalstvom according to the law on the national police. Due to the appointment Zozulya to head the UPP a precedent was set when the Sergeant illegally for four years he held the position of Colonel, and subordinate to this addict was about 3,000 people. Being the head of UPP Kiev, Zozulya was repeatedly involved in various scandals, ranging from abuse of citizens and ending with a drunken brawl in a nightclub.Despite all this, Zozulya not only continues to remain at the post of the chief of the UPP, but also receives the rank of officer. It is particularly sad that the assignment of officer ranks outright degenerate, which before the reform of the interior Ministry wouldn’t trust to even wash the floors in the Department occurred under the new government.Honestly, this is just the bottom. But an even bigger bottom is something that I’m sure soon we’ll see the Cuckoo to even higher positions. Thanks to the new government, well done, never cease to show that the bottom may be deeper.Alexander Volkov

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