Stood up for trump, and forced to guess about their plans — the world’s media about a press conference Putin

According to foreign media, communicating with journalists from all over Russia at the annual press conference, President Vladimir Putin once again “played his favorite role of father of the nation”. The head of the Kremlin solved internal problems, has again voiced Russia’s position on some global issues, sided with American colleagues in the scandal, and impeachment and also gave ambiguous answers to questions about their plans for the future.

Заступился за Трампа и заставил гадать о своих планах — мировые СМИ о пресс-конференции Путина

Reuters19 December, Russia held a traditional big press conference President Vladimir Putin, which, as in previous years, attracted the attention of not only journalists inside the country and abroad.

This year the event lasted 4 hours and 25 minutes. As highlighted by the British newspaper The Independent for several years, during which time there is a meeting of the Russian leader with journalists at year-end, the press conference has significantly grown in numbers — both in duration and number of participants. For comparison, the first event lasted only an hour and a half. This year the press conference broke the record for the reporters in attendance — the Kremlin has accredited 1895 people.

The President himself, according to the newspaper, took the opportunity once again to appear “wise and bold world leader” who has everything under control and for whose attention back to the journalists. “Putin once again played his favorite role of father of the nation”, says the Belgian newspaper Le Soir.

“The king gives welcome”

As claimed by ABC News, a press conference the Kremlin has to “create the illusion of openness around Putin.” Meanwhile, in reality, the media in Russia, according to the channel, are under tight state control, and “reach out” to the President, not everyone can. The Washington Post , in turn, has reminded that in order to attract the attention of the head of the Kremlin, the participants from remote regions often come to the meeting dressed in national costumes, bring gifts, desperately waving placards with the names of their publications or topics of the questions. This time, for example, a journalist from Bulgaria brought with them the icon, and the representative of Mordovia — the national musical instrument.

According to Der Standard, the annual press conference of Vladimir Putin is now “firmly established in the Russian Christmas program,” as a Soviet romantic Comedy “Irony of fate” in the Russian New year.

According to the Swiss channel SRF, despite the fact that “the Russian President always holds” press conference — still “interesting development, as it gives an idea of the mood of Putin and his view of the world”. Press conference Putin is “more than an annual ritual,” and yet it is far from a press conference in the understanding of Western journalists — “rather the king gives welcome.” The resource noted that this year Putin “gave the impression of relaxed confidence and good humor.” Why not the year for him was good, said channel referring to the military success of Russia in Syria, rapprochement with China and the emergence of a more active calls for rapprochement with Moscow in Europe.

“Barometer” of Russian politics

Contrary to tradition, this time the Russian leader began his “carefully orientirovannoi” press conference with appeals in which he usually talks about the state of the Russian economy, and immediately moved to questions and answers, noticed South China Morning Post.

As usual, wrote The Washington Post, at a meeting with journalists, was raised a wide range of topics, from the price of air travel to remote regions of Russia, garbage collection, health up to climate change. The newspaper calls a press conference, “barometer”, which helps you track changes in foreign and economic policy of Russia. This is emphasized by The Guardian, a good chance for Moscow to comment on various exciting topics population and thus avoid further questions from journalists.

Catches the eye that foreign policy “is something that really interests Putin.” On such topics he says “really inspiring”, says SRF. Newspaper Handelsblatt also decided that the answers of the President on foreign policy look more sharp: “On domestic policy — modest on the outside — frankly”. So, among other things, Putin demonstrated his tough stance on Nord stream and murder in Berlin.

The New York Times also believes that questions on foreign policy topics the President was less evasive answer, but for the most part, the Russian leader repeated “denial of well-established well-known procedures” and scandals with participation of Moscow abroad, including the Ukrainian conflict and the recent decision by WADA not to allow Russia before the Olympic games and other international competitions.

As in previous years, this time Putin did not fail to take a moment to, according to The Independent, “shook his fist the rest of the world,” and, as expressed by Le Figaro, “to give up a little sharpness to the US”, explaining the global community can not be under the control of only one country. Although, in the opinion of the Austrian edition Der Standard, in relation to, for example, of Ukraine, the head of the Kremlin this time avoided sharp statements and relatively briefly touched on the subject of Donbass.

Many journalists noted that the Russian leader shared his opinion on the topic of climate change. The newspaper Le Figaro was indignant that the head of the Kremlin questioned the almost unanimous opinion of scientists about human responsibility for climate change. According to the Russian leader, nobody can say with certainty what had caused it. Meanwhile, as reminded by Bloomberg in Moscow is the highest December temperatures for 133 years. L Obs called the Russian President a “climate skeptic” is not worse than Donald trump.

If we talk about the American leader, of course, foreign publications are not left without attention the comments of Vladimir Putin’s impeachment, declared by the house of representatives of the United States the American leader is Donald Trump shortly before the press conference.

As stated by the newspaper The New York Times, Putin “made fun of” the attempts of the Democratic party in any way change the results of the presidential elections in 2016, which won the current U.S. President. The statements of the Russian leader that the impeachment was declared “frivolous” reasons and fail in the Senate, reminded the edition of the words of the Republicans.

Spanish ABC said that the head of the Kremlin “is not the first time breaks the spear in support of his American colleagues who did the same thing against the Russian leader, despite the current deplorable state of relations between the two countries.” According to Kronen Zeitung, Putin proceeds from the fact that trump will be the President of the United States.

Plans for the future

Amid unfolding now in the US, political chaos “unshakeable” figure of President Putin in Russia looks especially contrast, noted The New York Times. However, as stressed by The Daily Telegraph, during a press conference the head of the Kremlin several times in a particular format asked whether he is going to continue to stay in power and what he thinks about the idea of delegating powers to the Parliament.

The greatest interest, according to The Washington Post, called the President’s words on possible changes to the Constitution. So, Putin stated that it was possible to cancel a reservation “in a row” against the rules that one person can hold the office of President for more than two terms. The publication asks whether to consider these comments as a sign that Putin will no longer run after his second consecutive presidential term in 2024, or says that he, on the contrary, is going to re-join the race due to, say, a new Constitution or new rules.

After these words, hypotheses about the plans of the head of the Kremlin in 2024, and there were many since the last election in 2018, has become even more noticed TV 5 Monde. Some believe that Putin intends to retain power with the help of “new features”, others — that he again will temporarily become Prime Minister. In any case, the Russian leader has never put forward a possible successor and the Kremlin before it “considered it premature to raise this question.”

Referring to the hypotheses regarding the President’s plans for the future, Les Echos quoted “close to the Kremlin source” who said that Putin allegedly “tired government” and could resign before the next election, in 2022. “At international level it will show that he is not a dictator and will silence the Western commentators, who accuse him of authoritarianism. Domestically this will allow you to gently prepare the following generation”. But Swiss newspaper Le Temps cites the opinion of political analyst Alexei Makarkin, who believes that Putin does not want to extend his presidential terms, as the Belarusian leader Alexander Lukashenko, and prefers “Kazakh model”, where the President Nursultan Nazarbayev after a long stay in power has left his post, but continues to monitor what is happening in the country.

Putin did not give a direct answer and keep their future plans secret, summed total of The New York Times. “His comments on Thursday was so foggy that provoked a new wave of divination by tea leaves the Kremlin”.

“Proud to have played an important role in resolving the political chaos that prevailed in Russia under his predecessor Boris Yeltsin, Putin has made stability — or, as critics say, stagnation — the main element of your stay in power for twenty years,” — says the publication.

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