Stop doing it: psychologists advise to stop to place these 8 things in social networks

Social networks have a strong influence on our daily lives, and often not for the better.

Припиніть це робити: психологи радять перестати розміщувати ці 8 речей в соцмережах

Social media is, without doubt, a useful way to interact with people with whom you just can’t see you every day, they may also bad affect our lives, if we are not careful, informs Rus.Media.

Yes, we understand that you may be so satisfied with your life, you want to share your joy with the world in Instagram, but there are certain things that should not be shared. Never.

Here’s what experts say about it in the field of personal relationships:

Your sex life should be personal, do not expose it to the public

What happens behind the closed doors of your bedroom between you and your partner, between the two of you. Juicy details of your love life under any circumstances should not get in the news feed in Instagram.

Candid conversations is permissible, except that in communication with close friends, and then only in exceptional cases. In all other circumstances, remember – it does not concern others.

Put it on the Internet personal information that relates to your partner

Your partner and you are not one, and you have no right to govern someone else’s life. You may spread in social networks your self and tell you how you touched romance, sincerely believing that there is nothing wrong. But your partner may not share your view on this, so you never put it on the network without his permission, any information can be considered personal. Some people prefer that their personal lives had more personal. Respect their choice

The expert on personal relationships Dr. don Michael puts it like this: “If you want, you can of course upload personal information, but don’t do the same with the personal information of your other half as this is an invasion of her personal space.”

You are not obliged to report their quarrels to the world

This is probably one of the most important points. You never ever should allow himself to be aware of your quarrels on the entire web. Your disagreements and personal problems should be solved between the two of you.

Share in social networks this information is to invite into your home and bedroom a crowd of strangers, allowing them to comment on everything they see.

Personal photos of your partner without his permission do not have to go to the network

Photos of your partner that you personally think is funny, cute and funny, so you will want to share it with the world – may seem your partner is too personal or even offensive.

Put it on the Internet pictures of your partner, if you have no clear and unambiguous resolution. Believe me, nobody wants, through social networks, stumble upon a photo where he’s drooling on the pillow during sleep.

Don’t mess over your partner network

You know… the fact that the tone and content of your messages will not necessarily be perceived by your readers (and your partner!) the way you had hoped. So, one on one, you can friendly laugh at the flaws of your partner, to use the joke “below the belt”. It is not considered an insult, because he knows what you think about it actually, and the tone of your speech will clearly say that it was a joke. But social network… Impersonal joke, translated to text format, can turn from friendly to vicious sarcasm and insulting stab in the sore spot.

According to Aaron Anderson, a marriage counselor: “When you set out errors and mistakes of your partner in a social network, keep in mind that they are taken out of context, and you can’t limit the range of people who will see them”.

Please refrain from passive-aggressive comments about your partner on the Internet

If your partner is not satisfied with something, the best thing you can do is to talk to him about it and work together to find a solution, if it exists. If you share this on social networks, you not only will not solve the problem, but PDEA gasoline on the fire.

Don’t let anyone meddle in the problems of your relationship, and communicate more with your partner, preferably in person and eye to eye.

Enough to strive for someone else’s attention and approval with a questionable message

Yes, we all love to see a status update and messages from them. But there are people who see this as almost a sense of his life. They are so “hooked” on their accounts in social networks, what their thoughts are almost entirely occupied by the question how many times have you revised or “liked” their entry. Why? Yes, because the more these indicators and the more people they signed up, the more “popular” they feel.

Enough to humiliate yourself, rewashing bones ‘former’ to your partner

No matter how bad over the past personal relationships of your partner, and how much you want to share it, please refrain from this. Let these dirty secrets stay where they belong in the oblivion. Do it out of respect for your partner and to yourself too.

An expert from personal relationship Neil Steinberg says: “Although you may be tempted to write a few caustic comments about the exes of your partner – especially if he or she climbs into your relationship – but when you complain about it on social networks, it’s pathetic”.

Enough to humiliate yourself stories on Facebook about what this man is bad. All concerned, including your partner and his “former”, and so know about it. Better talk to him about your concerns. Be thankful that your partner chose you… and let go of the past.