Stop Portnov!

Остановите Портнова!

Started attack on the rights and freedoms of the best and no matter what the journalists working on Radio “Freedom”. Know who stepped on the throat of the best sons and daughters “Radio”? A lawyer working as a journalist, Andriy Portnov. Dark focus of all the disgusting, that is, in the Kremlin propaganda. Fiend FSB. Brought honest and decent employees media existing on honest grants the US and the EU, to the state of enuresis. Many of them cry at night and refuse to write materials exposing the hybrid’s aggression.

Under the threat turned out to be the work of legendary vintage “receiver”, destroyed at the time of the “iron curtain”. All, without exception, “members” signed on “Telegram channel” Portnov, where they poured tons of mud and threats. Do you have any idea how their wanton name-calling a lawyer? “Fucked-up morons”, “stupid sheep” and “odious radio”. Moreover, the insolence of hireling Kremlin has gone so far that he wrote down all the car numbers, carried out for him a civilized surveillance on behalf of the freest and independent radio stations in the world. Okay, if “the Peacemaker” exposed personal data of journalists: addresses, mobile phone numbers and photos. This is just fully meets the high standards of liberal democracy. As they say, tolerastov, transgender, and transparency. But when the same vile methods are used almost against staff of the state Department!
Not entirely true, state, and no state Department, however, gladly mastering the tools of European and American donors. Otherwise, the democracy of the open type in such a corrupt country as Ukraine, not build.

What to do white and fluffy sheep with radio, whose democratic fun with surveillance and eavesdropping was under threat? The rooms of the mistress of one of the employees oral genre now hang in the public domain. Nightmare! The attack on the rights of journalists! The reaction was instant: the national police launched a criminal investigation “into the complaints of threats to journalists of Radio “Liberty”. The statement of victims was abundantly watered with tears of despair, a suspicious yellow liquid, lipstick and presumably pubic hair radical black. However, it was accepted and experienced investigators with dogs have begun to administer justice. I in them,…a minute, I believe. Facebook already delivered a punishing blow and removed the account notorious Strangler “Freedom”. Tried our caring “media spilnota”, met the full understanding of the team Zuckerberg. But the enemy media is the number one insidiously continues to pour “bismatrol” in his “Telegram-channel”. And this is nothing to do. Moreover, Taylor did not repent their deeds, sprinkled ashes on his head and did not bring my deepest apologies terrified “radio operators”. No. Lord, he just ate a bit! A terrible sight. In the same National police, the attorney filed the beginning of criminal proceedings against journalists of Radio “Liberty” on the fact of illegal surveillance and interference with professional activities. In my memory, so hard and cynical “svobodovtsev” have never been let down. They were all afraid to touch because they would represent the “free Western world”, represented by their stupid mugs of the values of Western democracy. Here you see where me and Mr. Portnow brought?! Subconsciously, begin to glue the ideological labels on these fine professionals, well suck… employees to high standards of journalistic activity. Oh, sorry, head of the Commission on the ethics of journalism Sergey Rakhmanin is now forced to work grants “voice” Vakarchuk in Parliament.
Well, the Glory was Milovanov. In the sense that they have one diagnosis with the Minister of economy. However, unlike Timothy, Thank also sings. Without a doubt, Sergei angrily condemned the harassment of journalists by gender in the performance of Portnov.

You think a lawyer who was driven to nervous exhaustion and diarrhea the whole edition of a respected media calm down? No. He is still haunted by the other Bastion of freedom and democracy – the “Direct channel”. Just today RRT evil investigators raided right in the place where the host informs the truth three or four members of the audience fair and unbiased media. All in shock. Freedom of speech is threatened! We have the whole world thrown off for the salary of the Host, to be able to hear an honest point of view on the processes occurring in the stomach of Peter the great. All the worry about Mykola Veresnya who has to limit their consumption of alcohol. Years are not the same. And then searched. Dogs, the screams ended toilet paper. Nightmare! Portnow unleashed GBR per channel of true patriots. How long?

We must say a resolute “no” to the revenge-seekers from “the Kremlin’s fifth column”. Portnov boot tramples a defenseless throat best media of the nation. Well, what nation, and such media, but more importantly. It is necessary to immediately establish a volunteer movement “Say no to Portnov!”. Don’t want to exaggerate, however, the situation with…ka, is critical. Half of the editions of Kiev suffers various forms of enuresis. Journalists are morally devastated and nervously exhausted. Missing a Pilates classes. Dramatically, the cases of appeals to the psychoanalysts, who are struggling to cope with the load. Already there was a case of beating of journalist of “Freedom” by a psychiatrist, with a shriek, “Yes…l for you!” was forcibly discharged the patient on the street.Alexander Zubchenko