Stories of négos for adults

Histoires de négos pour adultes

Yvon Michel and Stéphan Larouche agree with Camille Estephan ? Forget it. We are going to be made to the COVID-39 when it will happen.

But the stories of the negotiation failed for a fight between Sadriddin Akhmedov and Mikaël Zewski are exciting and allow the reader to better understand how it happens in the adult world of boxing.

Just negotiate parameters for a boxing match played behind closed doors, it is already hyper-complicated. When it is mentioned alongside hatred and ego inflated, it becomes a micmac impossible.

Worse, just inform people after the fact of the negotiations becomes of the propane that we throw on the embers after the abortion of the talks.


It all started with a first term. Camille Estephan called Stéphane Rent, the matchmaker of Eye of the Tiger Management. Stéphane Loyer is a seasoned pro. A grown man, and a word that has the value of 100 contracts. It has been

matchmaker for InterBox and GYM for years. While the world of boxing in Canada has been its reputation and its way of working.

I want to organize a gala in closed session, if necessary, in July if this is possible. Do you want to see what are the canadian boxers that you can find ? asked Estephan.

– Is what I consider the policy ? replied Rent.

In other words, should he take into account the competition became a conflict with Yvon Michel, Éric Bélanger, and Stéphan Larouche, who manages the career of Francis Lafrenière ?

Rent has been given the green light to discuss with Bélanger, Michel and Larouche not to worsen the situation between the two promoters.

“I called the various promoters with whom we do business. Tyler Buxton in Mississauga. And Éric Bélanger. Everything went well. I am a little less stressed with Melanie Lubovac in Edmonton, because his father has just suffered a STROKE and she takes care a lot personally. I have been able to reach agreements for several boxers if he can go forward in July. But I quickly wiped of refusal for an opponent to face Sadriddin Akhmedov. It is very complicated to find opponents to Sadriddin. It is a dangerous animal in a ring and he is on the rise, nobody wants to face “, explained Stéphane Rent.


It is then that Rent turned to Stéphan Larouche and Yvon Michel. He began by calling Larouche to offer him a fight between Francis Lafrenière and Sadriddin Akhmedov at 160 pounds. The answer came back a few minutes later : “No interest for a fight against Akhmedov, and Lafrenière would be waiting for interesting offers. ”

“I then contacted Yvon Michel. He told me to submit an offer in writing. I started with an offer of $ 20,000 and a fight at 154 pounds for Mikaël Zewski. Yvon knows how to negotiate, he knew that I still had a margin of manoeuvre. This is how it works in boxing. Filing a bid to open the négos, and we are trying to reach an agreement. We rule the money, and there is agreement on the weight. But then, to my surprise, there was no counter-proposal. Just an email that said the offer was unacceptable. End Point “, to tell Rent.


Saturday morning, Yvon Michel has called twice. It was in all its states. He was afraid to look bad in this nego.

“It is simple, the offer was unacceptable because it would have been bad business to send Zewski against Akhmedov. Zewski is worth more than 20 000 $. And it would have taken a lot more money to justify a fight against Akhmedov. And what would have remained of the bad business “, to say, in summary, Michael.

We will never know until where Stéphane Rent would have been able to improve its original offer since there has been no call back. But we know that Zewski has fought for 30 000 $ to the Centre Videotron against Alejandro Davila in his last fight.

It is also known that Zewski is classified in three of the four major federations of boxing. Behind Custio Clayton.

That Zewski refuses to face a young terror as Akhmedov in a higher weight class is understandable and has nothing to embarrassing.

Not need his cousins too emotional to pump the sneaker.

The négos between adults, it plays hard. And sometimes it is the boxers who écopent.

$ 100,000 FOR SIMON KEAN

Last story of négos : “I could offer $ 100,000 to Simon Kean to face Oscar Rivas. Camille Estephan is going to say no, and it will look bad. I’m not doing this because I know that this is not possible, Rivas and Kean train with the team of Marc Ramsay “, to tell Yvon Michel.

“I could offer $ 125,000 to Oscar Rivas against Arslanbek Makhmudov, but it is true, it is impossible. The three are at the gym to Marc Ramsay and are often sparring together, ” responds Camille Estephan.

Then Melanie, Edmonton… what’s with Adam Braidwood ?

When the COVID-19 hits in the house

My beautiful Lady Ju is in mourning. His father Andrew died on Sunday late afternoon. The COVID-19 will have killed another.

When it touches your own home, the reality hits you full in the face. Julie has a lot of trouble, but it must watch over the money, Vero, Caro, and Zach, who have lost their grand-father.

André has received treatment admirable to the Santa Cabrini hospital. Brahim and the other nurses were patient and kind and have given each morning, information on the status of M. Bertrand. As

the doctor Ta, it has allowed Julie, on the eve of his death, to tell her father that she loved him hard. And to see him one last time via FaceTime. She held the phone in front of the face of his patient.

When Videotron is committed to give 1000 tablets in NURSING homes to help seniors stay in touch with their loved ones, I have not measured the actual value of the commitment.

Today, I know.

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