Straight talk: Putin two hours answering questions on the forum of the popular front

PHOTO : Mikhail Metzel/TASS


Russian President Vladimir Putin visited the Sochi media forum of the Russian popular front “Truth and justice”, where he talked with journalists and social activists. More than two hours the head of state asked questions on various topics. Internet bloggers also have their say. What asked the Russian leader, found out the correspondent of “MIR 24” Margarita Kirilova.

Here with the President and members of the government speak of equal and boldly tell the officials the error of their ways through their troubled stories and articles. Vladimir Putin was shown the plots of the Irkutsk region, which suspiciously first burn, and then pass out.

“This opinion is not unfounded. Because the easiest way to cover the theft of the forest is to set fire to separate areas. It simply requires a thorough and professional investigation would take place”, – Putin promised.

About the problems on Thursday not only said they were shown and then discussed. For example, the President agreed that palliative care must be individualized. And the shortage of medical personnel in rural areas need to make up for the experience of the Soviet system of distribution.

“We have such a mechanism as target training, which can be accessed by the tasks of the municipality, medical institutions, or region of the Republic. If people studied for free at the expense of the state and pledged to go back and work a certain number of years have lapsed after this, please penalties in the amount of sum paid for him during training,” said the President..

Another suggestion is not to give the orphans shelter in a dying villages and towns. Tenders to make so that they were available not only charlatans, but by honest builders. Yekaterinburg controversial question is also touched upon. Vladimir Putin believes the citizens of this city should know that it is more important square or temple in its place.

“Usually people ask that the temple was built, but somebody objected. But everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and if we are talking about the residents of this neighborhood, you definitely need this view to be considered. The Church should unite people, not divide. So both sides need some steps in order to resolve the issue in the interest of all the people who live there. There is a simple way to conduct a survey,” said the head of state.

Vladimir Putin asked them not to do the dump from the Russian North. There is now on the border of the Arkhangelsk region and the Komi Republic built incomprehensible to the locals object: whether the landfill of waste, whether ekotekhnopark. But cars with garbage to often.

“We have decades to accumulate these polygons so-called, which no one ever paid attention. Recycling plants a to build or not to see do not want. Incinerators don’t. Dumps do not want to take – do not want. And what do we want? Overgrown with debris? Either. But here fears and anxieties in humans is not without Foundation. Because if these plants are doing by world standards, they will work and not interfere, and the garbage problem will be solved. And if they build as some kindergartens, or homes for orphans, then of course it is no good. So here, first, at the state level needs to take the appropriate decisions, and you need to strictly monitor the quality of execution and at the state level, and public with your help,” – said the Russian leader.

In addition to journalists in the audience the issue before the President could announce and virtual interlocutors. Bloggers for the first time take part in the media forum. This became possible due to site SN-wall, which received treatment from social networks.

“This is an attempt to give an alternative view of social journalists – bloggers. The essence of the platform that it in real-time mode collects messages for the different topics. Now the onf, we collect information on 12 key issues. Therefore, in addition to regional journalists at the meeting, present all virtual Russian journalists, bloggers,” – said the managing partner of Agency “Social networks”, host of “WORLD 24” Denis Terekhov.

Vladimir Putin brought with him to the media Cabinet that the government has heard the wishes of the people.

The popular front – is the brainchild of the President. It was he who in 2011 proposed to unite all not indifferent Russians in one single movement. Simply – to be his eyes and ears to monitor the implementation of its decrees. And then we had to share all observations, so every year in different cities of Russia is the main forum of national supervisors.