Strasbourg: A list student called “Waff’EM SS” controversy at the school of management

EM Strasbourg. Screenshot of the Google View. — Google maps, street view

A name, ” Waff’EM SS “, which reminds one inevitably of that of the Waffen-SS, the military branch of the nazi regime. A visual that takes up the writing, and a color code which refers to the dark hours of Germany. A photo that shows a nazi rally, whose members brandish a mug of beer as the hitler salute. Finally, a sub-title : “Burn lists adverse “.

A fictitious list

One wonders what could be going on in the head of the student (or students) from the school of management of Strasbourg, in creating this page on Facebook, which promoted the candidacy of this list student in view of the elections to the sports office of the EM Strasbourg.

A list or a ” sham “, as it seems to be customary to do before the official declaration of the lists for the offices students, which caused an uproar following its publication a few days ago. If the page Facebook has since been deleted, the EM Strasbourg business “condemns in the most firm” and is considering prosecution, according to Alsace news.

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