Strawberries on the windowsill all year round: growing from seed and care

To bloom and bear fruit in the room under good care everbearing strawberries can all year round.

Полуниця на підвіконні круглий рік: вирощування з насіння та догляд

For gardeners is of particular interest remontant, or continuously podonosma, strawberries. If you don’t have a garden plot or there wasn’t free space, you can successfully grow everbearing strawberries in pots or boxes on window in the room, closed balconies, terraces, loggias. With proper care, some varieties of everbearing strawberries can give 100-250 berries, and some large-fruited varieties – more than 700 fruit per Bush. At the same time, strawberry is a wonderful decoration of Windows, as during flowering, and during fruit ripening, informs Rus.Media.

To bloom and bear fruit in the room under good care everbearing strawberries can all year round. For growing in areas of crucial varieties. The greatest productivity in the southern, Clear, and French varieties of Mount Everest, German – Macherauch, American Red Richie, that give an average of more than 700 berries per Bush. From small-fruited everbearing varieties – rügen, Alpine, Alexandria, Curly, Monthly and other. The first berries everbearing strawberries gives already after 1.5-2 months after planting it in the pot.

Large ripe berries rubbed through the sieve, washed in water, allowed to settle and decanted water with pulp and seeds are dried in the full paper. In a wooden crate on the bottom is filled with a drainage layer (chippings, fragments, charcoal), a layer of 6-10 cm of soil composition: leaf 3 parts humus – 5 parts sand – 2 parts, watering and sowing the seeds, not closing up in the soil. Then covered with dark cloth and put in a dark place. Periodically, careful not to wash away seeds, watered with warm water.

Two weeks sprouts appear. A box covered with glass and put in the window. After reaching a plant height up to 10 mm they dive and transplanted to another box, keeping the distance between plants 5 × 5 cm After emergence of the plants have 5-6 leaves, transplant them into pots on 2-3 pieces, systematically watered and fed pills and micronutrients. To increase yield, the first flowers break off, and with the appearance of 4-5 stems each leave 4-5 berries.

Contain the strawberry plants in the Windows facing the Sunny side. There, she feels almost as good as in the garden. The plants need regular watering to defend water at room temperature, but avoid excessive watering. Feed 2-3 times per month liquid concentrated fertilizers.

After the appearance of the sheet 5 of the plant appear flower stems with buds and flowers. For best pollination, it is recommended to shake the plant or a brush to paint to transfer pollen from one flower to another.

All of the everbearing varieties produce good yields in the first two years, followed by plants replace with new. As a substrate for planting everbearing strawberries are recommended sod and manure soil mixed with sand in the ratio 4: 2: 1. Good for planting strawberries ready to use substrates that are available in our flower shops. Optimal for the cultivation of strawberries are pots with a diameter of 12-15 15-17 and see Good results are obtained when using pots with a diameter of 20-22 see

Perhaps, will not find a person who would be indifferent to the taste of strawberries in the winter. Under ambient conditions by a special distillation you can get the strawberries from early January to late April. For early forcing we recommend the following varieties: Ada, Mount Everest, Dar katuni, Orange, Vitamin, and others.

The success of the distillation largely depends on varieties, appropriate training of the plants and temperature regimes. The process of preparing the strawberries for distillation is as follows: June young, rooted plants (whiskers) are planted in small pots to give them maximum care (regular watering and feeding). By the end of July-beginning of Aug fledgling strawberry bushes are transplanted into pots with a diameter of 15-17 cm directly for distillation. Distillation starts from mid-November, and for harvest in the rooms at the beginning and the end of April until distillation begins in February. In all cases the pots with strawberries initially transferred to the light room where the temperature is in the range of 4-5 degrees C. as soon As the plants start into growth, the temperature was raised to 10-12 degrees C. In the flowering period it should be in the range of 15-17 degrees.

For strawberries it is recommended that moderate watering with water at room temperature. After setting of berries the temperature should be raised to 18-20 degrees.

Most damage to strawberries in the indoor environment causes the strawberry mite and the strawberry Sawfly. Of illness that most often affects the berries gray mold and when wetting of the substrate is powdery mildew.

Propagated strawberry mustache. This is the most widespread method based on properties of strawberries throughout the growing period to form numerous mustache. Moustache nodes appear, and then rosettes of leaves and roots.