Strong: errors in applying the corrector

Applying all over the face and layering the funds will not have the desired effect.

Стробінг: помилки в нанесенні хайлайтера

What is strong seems to know every girl. If not, then do not worry, the Gating is one of the main techniques in the use of lighting. While this beauty product is applied exclusively on the convex areas of the face. So makeup in General looks dull, but certain parts of the skin illuminated with a light glow, creating the illusion of a healthy glow and a “bare” skin. I mean, stroma your makeup will look natural, as if no make-up, informs Rus.Media.

One of the reasons why everyone is so fond of Gating, is that luminizer emphasizes the essential features, making the face more visually sculpturepark and slender, and is without the use of tools for contouring. However, despite the fact that this make-up technique is more convenient for beginners than, say, the same of contouring, there are still some Gating techniques, which should be avoided so that the face is not prevratnosti in the discus thrower.

The main error in applying the lighting

Applying all over the face

Makeup artists warn against the use of strobe products around the face, because it may look like a Shine that is not very nice. Instead, focus only on the high points of the face to accentuate those features. In these convex or high areas include: the area above the cheekbones and under the brow, bridge of the nose and the tip (do not do solid line – apply separately on the back of the nose separately on the tip, and if there is a bump, only on the tip and the area above the bump), the Cupid’s bow above the upper lip. If you still want to use highlighter around the perimeter of the face, try to use a reflective base under Foundation. So the skin will look more healthy and beautiful.

The use of a large brush

The product is not scattered all over the face, makeup artists recommend to use a tool that provides more control and precision than a big, fluffy brush. For a more fluffy brush for shading shadows or special rounded brush for lighting. Contrary to popular belief, fan brush is not the best option, because it will cause you luminizer for a clear line, and they shouldn’t be. Using a small fluffy brush to dry and cream hiliter, you can apply the product only where it needs to be and can imperceptibly vatusiai it.

Using a cream or liquid hilitary Beyonce’s makeup artist Sir John recommends that you use the ring fingers – so means literally merges with the skin and the makeup will be very natural.

Liquid hilitary Rihanna’s makeup artist Priscilla Ono offers to apply under Foundation to keep makeup looked very natural. In addition, you will be able to achieve the effect of contouring without special contouring – convex areas of the face visually longer be ahead that will create the illusion of a more slender face.

The overlaying means

Of course, beauty bloggers in their videos often use it: first, they use Simmern makeup base, then Foundation, then a cream or liquid luminizer, and in the final – one or more dry hiliter. So video and photo picture is downright beautiful. But, this photo. In reality, especially in daylight, you will look, to put it mildly, not very natural.

The purpose of the corrector is to create the illusion of natural glow. When strooband you primarily want the skin to look natural and not like a glossy mask. So instead of layering a few different textures gate products or to choose a more pigmented portholes, prefer somehow translucent, so that the skin could “show through” from under the makeup.

The allocation of the forehead

This is a terrible mistake makeup in General, but especially if you plan to be photographed. Your forehead just turn into a screen and will Shine in every picture. Makeup artists suggest to avoid allocation of the forehead gate products (Yes, even if you saw it in the tutorial, one of the bloggers). Because the forehead is large and more flat surface than the other region of our face is naturally reflected from it. You don’t need more of it to highlight. Besides, the forehead is part of T-zone, which, first of all, the Shine appears. Mingling with shining pigments lighting, skin oil will transform your makeup into a disaster.

It is also not recommended to apply highlighter on the chin area for the same reason. Sir John also recommends not to cause the Gating means to the whole of the back of the nose. But the makeup artist advises to apply highlighter on the tip of the ring finger, and then lightly move the tool solely on a thin Central line of the back of the nose. But be careful if you have a big enough bump, it does not apply highlighter just skip this area and highlight the tip of the nose at the bridge. This will create the illusion of a smooth back and a narrower nose.

Applying too close to the eyes or nose

The main area of the face that should be carefully strebovat is cheekbones. If you select the highlighter is not the area above the cheekbone and cheeks get very close to the nose, it may distort the shape of your face – it will look more round and chubby. If you apply the highlighter too high above the cheek bone, too close to the eyes, it can make any swelling is more noticeable.

But the “align” strong on the outer corner or outer half of the eye, since it will help raise the cheekbones, to make them more prominent. Put your finger perpendicular to the outer corner of the eye – so you will find an area where has to end strong.

In General, remember the rule: the distance of two fingers from a nose and three fingers from the eyebrow area that needs to stay brushed, the face looked more slender and his features are not distorted Shine (from lighting or skin oils).

And the last mistake only beginners make (so we don’t allocated in main) – use hiliterow glitter. Yes, this may take place but only in makeup for photo shoots or for a party. In daylight you will look like on your cheeks danced the fairy Tinker bell.