Stronger decline of inflation in march since 1992

Plus fort fléchissement de l’inflation en mars depuis 1992

OTTAWA | inflation experienced its largest declines in the month of march since the creation of seasonally adjusted data 1992, has revealed Statistics Canada, Wednesday morning.

On a basis which does not take account of seasonal variations, the consumer price Index (CPI) fell 0.9 % in march due to the COVID-19.

“Without food and energy, the CPI, seasonally adjusted rose by 0.1 per cent,” said Statistics Canada.

A year-to-year, the CPI increased 0.9 % last month after advancing 2.2 % in February. It is the decline in monthly from one year to another, the consumer price of the more pronounced since September 2006. Without taking into account energy prices, inflation would have climbed to 1.7% in march.

In Québec, inflation was 1.1% in march, after an increase of 2.3 % in February from a year to another.

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