Student from Kemerovo invented a collar that can find a runaway cat

PHOTO : “the World 24” / Artem Kukovsky


The sixth-grader from Kemerovo invented the electronic dog collar is to search for the home of pussies. While the device look like a brick with two buttons, which attaches to the body of the animal. About where the furry fugitive, tell the sound that can be turned on from your mobile phone, the correspondent of “MIR 24” Alexei Liquid.

This device – a prototype of the collar to search for the cat. Works simply: you have to press the button on the smartphone screen and the unit will beep.

In the future it should be reduced to the size of a wristwatch. The inventor, a sixth-grader Ilya Gurkin, now working on it.

“This collar should be of such sizes and not bring any inconvenience to pet,” says Ilya.

The collar also functions as a fitness bracelet. Special application builds a graph of the activity of the animal.

“This is a graph activity your pet, it shows how active the pet in your absence,” – says the inventor.

The idea to create such a collar was born the student through the adventures of his beloved cat. He had diabetes and for good health had to move a lot. A pet is not just missing.

“He said how well I remember, the relatives had a cat and how much we suffered,” – says Ilya’s mother Svetlana Gurkina.

Another idea the young inventor also inspired by the sad cat experience. Once the animal fell out of the window. Here the sixth grader and decided to develop a parachute.

These ideas the student is now actively discussing with classmates. They support Ilya. According to them, the thing you need.

“Cats jump, cat jump from the tenth floor, parachute hop,” says classmate Ilya Andrey Matrosov.

The student promises that during tests of a parachute no cat will not suffer.

His invention Ilya will present at the all-Russian scientific conference.