Student sport relieved

Student sport relieved

Even if several details will be necessary to establish a clearer picture for student sport in the red zone, the RSEQ is happy with the words of Prime Minister François Legault.

During a long-awaited press briefing on Monday evening, Prime Minister Legault said the government wanted to be as normal as possible in schools, and that includes sports. “We have no information that everything is stopped,” said the president and general manager of the RSEQ, Gustave Roel.

“We heard the Prime Minister declare that sport is maintained. On the other hand, gatherings are prohibited. In the red zone, are we going to be able to hold a gathering of two teams, or the sport will continue only in schools, and the teams will not be able to go out and play a match? We have no choice but to wait for clarification. ”

Bubbles were not discussed. Will students still be able to evolve within three bubbles or will Public Health come back to the classroom bubble only, as was the case during the first two weeks of September?

This unique bubble seriously complicated life for sports teams. The introduction of the three bubbles allows students, among other things, to play inter-school sports as well as cultural activities.

“Since the end of the press briefing, the messages have been shoveling, illustrated Roel. Even some sports federations wrote to me to find out if we had information for student sports because they had not been informed. At the moment, this is speculation. The three bubbles are not canceled, but we will be careful. We are awaiting clarification this evening [Monday] or tomorrow [Tuesday]. ”

Directive 77, which replaced the much criticized rule 70, which provided for a complete cessation of interschool sport as soon as a positive case appeared in a school, also has constraints.

Before three regions switched to the red zone, travel was prohibited in the orange zone rather than not recommended.

Inter-school sport may also have to cease its activities if an outbreak (two cases in 14 days, as defined by National Public Health) occurs.

” Good news “

Daniel Fleury was happy with the government's announcements.

“The government has really made an effort for young people,” said the sports manager at the Académie Saint-Louis.

“In recent weeks, the government has been criticized for making young people pay a high price. I am happy with what I heard. I told my world that we were moving forward with games on the weekends. It is good news that there are no changes in school sport. ”

“There will be no travel, but I see a possible opening in the next discussions so that we can obtain an exemption for Quebec and Lévis as well as Montreal and Laval. I don't see Quebec City and Lévis as two different regions. The alert level is the same. ”

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