Students in class in September

Les élèves en classe en septembre

Genevieve Lajoie

After a public outcry last week, Quebec spreads definitely the scenario of the remote school for teens high school this fall and is considering rather a return to the classroom for all students, full-time or part-time.

The primary students were back in class on Monday, may 11, as here at the school of Harfang-des-Neiges in Stoneham. The high school youth will be back in September.

Minister Jean-François Roberge does not hide its preference and its motto. “My plan, it is open to full-time, my plan B is to open a part-time “, he argued in an interview.

Quebec city was presented Thursday to the stakeholders in the education network, two scenarios for the new school year in September (see below). In both cases, school attendance is compulsory, except for rare exceptions for reasons of health. A plan that he is open to improving it.

The remote school, for high school students this fall, is ruled out completely. The minister of Education said to have ” enough confidence to not to put the scenario on the table.”

Obviously, Québec is not immune to ” an outbreak of the pandemic, unexpected, uncontrolled, but this is not what is anticipated “, he insists.

Harmful consequences

Les élèves en classe en septembre

Jean-François Roberge
Minister of Education

Jean-François Roberge said he was very aware of the negative consequences of the closure of schools on young people in Quebec.

This is why he wants to consult the responsible organisation of the school to find the way to ensure a living environment safe and healthy with 100 % of the students in the classes.

“I’m not a health professional, a pediatrician or an epidemiologist, but I know that a point of view psychology of childhood and a learning perspective, most students have a school attendance, the more they see their teachers, the more they see their friends, the more they have access to the professionals, the better they are. ”

The plan of the new school year in the fall should be ready in early June to give time to the school principals and teachers to prepare themselves before leaving for summer vacation, said the minister. Public health will also have to give its agreement.

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Sigh of relief from the opposition parties, who feared that the government Legault came back with his idea of back-to-school only at a distance in September.

Liberals, pq members and several are of the opinion that the right to education is not respected for all the students with the current form of distance learning.

The teachers also prefer to be physically in class with the students to motivate them, reports the president of the Federation of trade unions of education, Josée Scalabrini.

It focuses on a back-to-school part-time. 100% of the students in the class, this would not meet the distancing physical.

“It would surprise me that in a few weeks, the “two-meter” completely disappears. So back to school for everyone at the same time, we can doubt it, but it is public health that is going to tell us. ”

The scenarios of Quebec for back-to-school


Scenario A

  • Attendance full-time (5 days per week)
  • Return ratios regular in the groups
  • Increase of sanitary measures (cleaning, disinfection, addition of protective equipment)

Scenario B

  • Attendance part time (every other day or alternating between a week to 2 days a week 3 days in class)
  • Ratios reduced in all groups (maintenance of the rule of 2 metres in class)
  • Continued work on the days when the kids are not in class


Scenario A

  • Attendance full-time (5 days per week)
  • Ratios regular in the groups
  • Increase health measures (amendment of schedules to restrict the flow of traffic in the common areas, disinfection and cleaning)

Scenario B

  • Part-time attendance (presence in class 50 % or 33% of the time)
  • Ratios being reduced in the groups
  • Continuing distance training days where young people are not in the classroom




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