Study: failure to vaccinate against measles is fraught with immune amnesia

Исследование: отказ от вакцинации против кори чреват иммунной амнезией

The refusal of parents to vaccinate children against measles can lead to their immune amnesia. In other words, the child may not merely as measles – with direct consequences, but also to the anomaly of the immune system, which makes the protective barrier of the organism “revolving door” for other infections – including those from which he was previously protected.

To such conclusion the two research groups, writes with reference to Science Immunology.

Doctors examined data on 77 children with the Dutch, not vaccinated against measles for religious reasons their parents, Orthodox Protestants. These children later become infected.

Comparative analysis of blood samples taken before her illness, and two months later, after recovery, showed that the virus killed up to 73% of those antibodies that were before infection.

Such effects were not observed in 33 children in the control group (a collection of blood in them are made before and after the first vaccination against measles, rubella and mumps).

In other words, the measles “blows” the protective barriers and makes it so that the body “forgets” how to react to previously encountered infections.

You may lose the immunity to various diseases – the ones they already had and got a resistance to relapse, and those who were vaccinated.

To confirm the findings, the experiment was conducted on ferrets: part of them vaccinated against flu, then was subjected to a virus similar to the measles, and after he checked the influenza vaccine. Ferrets with measles was more vulnerable than the control group.

Now scientists are exploring, how long such an anomaly: within months or perhaps even years after recovery.