Study: men are better for my ex than women

Исследование: мужчины лучше относятся к своим бывшим, чем женщины

Researchers from Graz University have studied how changing the relationship of people after a breakup.

Исследование: мужчины лучше относятся к своим бывшим, чем женщины

0 they asked more than 300 respondents to rate statements like “I feel angry when I think about the former partner and former partner a lot of positive qualities.” The results showed that men in General are better for those with whom you recently broke up than women.

A team of researchers decided to expand the experiment: they interviewed 600 people, whose past heterosexual relationships lasted at least four months. Participants also answered additional questions about what support they received from their partner, how to deal with the gap, and as a General treat sex and love.

This study revealed other differences between men and women. Men, in particular, were more relaxed about sex. Many noted that they do not need to experience a strong attachment, to enter into an intimate relationship. In addition, men were more likely to have received emotional support in the relationship than women. Women also had to look for her among friends and relatives, so they are more inclined to blame the gap of another person.

Scientists believe that these differences are a mixture of evolutionary and social factors. Men because of their sexual openness often ready to have sex with the former, so it makes sense to keep good relations with them. However, the researchers note that these findings require further confirmation. In addition, the study applied only to heterosexual relationships, therefore, for LGBT people, the results can be quite different.

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