Study : More than one New Yorker in five infected with coronavirus

Étude : Plus d’un New-Yorkais sur cinq contaminé au coronavirus

NEW YORK | More than one New Yorker in five (21.2 per cent) has already been infected by the coronavirus, according to the preliminary results of a study conducted on a sample of 3 000 people, said on Thursday the governor of New York.

This recent study is “the most important” to this day carried out in this State of some 20 million inhabitants, the hardest hit by the epidemic, to detect the presence of antibodies indicative of infection of the coronavirus, said governor Andrew Cuomo.

The people have been chosen ” at random “, at the exit of stores that remain open, and are therefore people who, without being of workers deemed ” essential “, go outside despite the pandemic, he said.

According to the preliminary results, on average, about 13.6% of people tested in the State had antibodies indicative of infection, with large differences according to the regions.

In addition to an infection rate of 21.2% in the city of New York, the region where the rate was was highest in Long Island (16.7 per cent).

It is in this region of great beaches that are sheltered a lot of New Yorkers easier time of confinement, but it is also in some towns of Long Island there are large communities of hispanics, with many of the employees in the supermarkets or delivery services remained open during the confinement.

But most of the other regions, the more rural, had an infection rate very low, about 3.6 % only.

The study should give a more accurate idea of the spread of the epidemic in the State of New York, which has already registered more than 15 000 dead safe confirmed and 263 000 cases positive for the coronavirus, according to its governor.

It should also help to determine what regions could initiate a déconfinement progressive.

“It’s not the same thing in a place with a rate of 21% that in a place where you have a 3.6 % […] It is the same theory, according to which certain States may reopen earlier than the State of New York,” said governor Cuomo.

The american States are divided on the policies of déconfinement.

Some, such as Georgia (south), are willing to authorize as early as Monday the recovery of a wide range of economic activities, and in Florida some beaches have reopened since Sunday. But others, such as New York (where the containment must remain in effect at least until may 15th, call for caution in order to avoid a new outbreak of cases.

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