Study : The heat and the sun’s rays could weaken the virus

Étude : La chaleur et les rayons du soleil pourraient affaiblir le virus

WASHINGTON | The coronaviruses, responsible for the pandemic of Covid-19, weaken in a hot and humid atmosphere as well as under the rays of the sun, according to a study by the u.s. government presented Thursday at the White House.

“Our observation the more striking to this day is the powerful effect that appears to be the light of the sun to kill the virus, both on surfaces and in the air,” said a senior official of the department of homeland Security Bill Bryan.

“We have seen a similar effect at both temperatures and humidity. The increase in temperature or humidity, or both, is generally less favourable to the virus, ” said the manager, presenting the preliminary results of this study.

Scientists wonder since its appearance on the possibility that the new coronavirus is weakened with the increase of temperature, that is to say, with the arrival of summer in the northern hemisphere.

“We have identified some of the weak links in the chain of transmission of the virus. We have identified that the heat and humidity were the weak elements of this chain. We have identified that the light of the sun, the UV rays were a weakness in this chain, ” said Bill Bryan.

The american vice-president Mike Pence has called this the “presentation” of ” encouraging “. Donald Trump, for his part, remained cautious, but noted that the United States could be in a better position with the arrival of summer.

“If the heat is good, if the light of the sun is good, I think it is a very good thing,” he said.


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