“Stumps don’t bloom”: the Personnel policy of the new government of Ukraine is causing more problems

«Пни не расцветают»: Кадровая политика новой власти Украины вызывает все больше вопросов

© RIA Novosti, stringerPersonnel policy of the new authorities face not only dismissal of some professionals but also causes more questions from the expert community.The head of the Department of special investigations of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Serhiy Gorbatyuk can retire. Its management is inter alia engaged in the investigation of murders on the Maidan.

One time Gorbatyuk was in a severe confrontation with the former head of GPU, Yury Lutsenko. However, to dismiss him when a new attorney General — the Ruslan Ryaboshapka here. Cause: an unsuccessful reform of the Prosecutor General.”Will do everything possible to make this reform like this was not. And get fired? Yesterday, today, chickened out. It will be a Monday — don’t know,” he said Gorbatyuk comments publication theБабель.

He is confident that he certainly will not allow for certification. Actually, it is the process of conducting re-certification, and became the reason not only Gorbatyuk, but a number of other well-known Ukrainian prosecutors decided to leave the service.

“For what purpose uses a service horse?”

Now the GPU is the reform, the need for which Ryaboshapka talked for a long time.

“First of all, this is a reboot and a system update. When we met with the presidential candidate, with people, with world leaders, representatives of foreign States, in addition to the war we heard more of three issues: corruption, Prosecutor’s office and courts. Corruption and the Prosecutor’s office — the problem we can solve but only by updating and only by restarting”, — he said in particular speaking in Parliament on August 29 as a candidate for attorney General.Leading GPU Ryaboshapka rolled up his sleeves and took up the reform. He was helped in this Parliament. September 10, in the first reading, and on September 19 in the second, the Verkhovna Rada adopted the presidential bill on the reform of the prosecution. According to him instead of the GPU in Ukraine will be created the office of the Prosecutor General, military Prosecutor’s office liquidated, and the number of employees of the Prosecutor’s office will be reduced from 15 to 10 thousand people, and will also increase the basic salary of prosecutors from 12 to 15 minimum.The reduction of prosecutors shall be resolved by the certification. And that’s how it is, and calls on employees of the GPU, including high-level, questions.

“To be admitted to the certification, you had to sign a statement of the special sample. And in this statement there is a paragraph: “I Agree with the fact that during the interviews and approval of the personnel Commission may take into account information received from individuals and legal entities (including anonymous) which is not subject to further official confirmation”. That is! Imagine you’re a Prosecutor. Anyone can write to you a note that there is no need to formally confirm. And that’s all. You more — not a Prosecutor. This, of course, a direct violation of the spirit of the laws, the presumption of innocence, human rights and so on”, — told about the problem of Ukrainian journalist Iryna Somaliska.According to her, some prosecutors have decided not to go to such violation of the law. As a result, they refused to sign the application form and wrote another, the essence of which of them is ready to pass the certification, but according to the law.

“According to my data, we are talking about more than 200 prosecutors from the GPU (there are about 1300). Some of the non-admitted already dismissed”, — said Somaliska.

Among non-admitted head of the Department of special investigations of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Serhiy Gorbatyuk, as well as the chief Prosecutor of the special investigations of the GPU Alexey Donskoy.

While in Facebook she posted and tests given to prosecutors as a result of the decertification.

“For what purpose uses a service horse?” — reads one of the test questions.

Supporters of reform may argue, thus, not the GPU, and in the office of the attorney General will be only the best professionals. However, those who are familiar with the activities of the GPU is not hearsay it will cause a skeptical smile.

“The leadership of the GPU — hopelessly unprepared, inexperienced, short-sighted subjects who do not understand anything. They decided to get all the garbage of the past, and pass it to the surface, trying to demonstrate thereby the activity, independence and integrity,” talks about his experience with the new Deputy Prosecutor General Viktor Chumak , former Minister of justice Elena Lukash.Video of her interrogation at the Prosecutor General’s office hosted by the media expert Anatoly Shariyhas caused many issues for the qualification of new personnel of the Prosecutor’s office.“Spring will not. Stumps blossom <…> Is — hopeless stupidity, multiplied by fear. And don’t hide it under a brand “new faces” — described Lukash going on in the GPU.

However, such a problem with the staff is typical not only for the prosecution.

“As he was in the clearing?”

On Thursday 17 October it became known about leaving from the Ukrainian Ministry of health one of the famous and odious Ukrainian PR Dmitry Raimov, who was an adviser to the head of the Ministry.

“At the end of the month my team out of the Ministry of health. We’re still intelligent heads in the Ministry and the Committee, but the entire line (current Ed.) work with the press, doctors, the media, MPs, the government, the office of the guarantor and much more will have to make other guys. Some of the guys on shift cook we are looking for a part, perhaps a gift will leave someone from the team,” wrote Sam Raim in Facebook.The Minister of health Zoryana Skaletska said Raim was not fired.

“In fact, the point from which we started to go — such an intense media start — it was a good support from Dmitry. So I think that its function he performed as much as wanted. I am very grateful,” she said.

This worked Raim nothing at all — from 2 September to 17 October, so a month and a half. As stated by the enemy Raimov, the famous Ukrainian blogger and publicist Alexander Barabashka, the resignation of his “colleagues” was not entirely unproblematic.

“The Ministry of health kicked Raimov, as I said — with the scandal. Another “successful” case. In fact, such a professional can always turn it into the right channel, for example, to monetize the dismissal of a series of lectures at his school on the theme: how to create a crisis to his client,” he said.Under this entry is your comment left a Ukrainian millionaire and businessman Garik Korogodsky, who quoted writer Mikhail Bulgakov
Raimov got a really scandalous reputation among the Ukrainian PR and a strained relationship with many of them. Therefore, his appointment as Advisor to the head of the Ministry of health has significantly complicated the life of the Ministry. During his work as the Advisor to the head of the Ministry of health is the Agency was involved in several scandals of communication. So, high-ranking employees of the Ministry of health left the press conference, refusing to answer the questions of the journalists, and civil servants wrote an open letter to Prime Minister Alexey Goncharuk with complaints of what is happening in the Ministry.

Now he’s fired, and says his team have achieved the impossible.

“12 major crises within 6 weeks. Small hell. The result — 100% support of the Committee and the Parliament, President, government. The Prime Minister even Suprun comments wrote for us,” boasts Raim.

But the comments under this entry indicate: Ukrainian audience praised the work Raimov negatively and crises that had to face the Ministry of health, primarily blames the publicist.

And the situation in the Ministry of health, and the environment in GPU — bright markers, as is personnel policy under the new government. It turns out that the inexperience of politicians is not only positive (in the absence of corrupt relations), but also negative sides. The lack of competent managers and a well-thought-out reforms destroyed not one Ukrainian government. And Ukrainian Ministers and heads of other Central authorities is hard to think about, with whom and how they want to reform. Otherwise, they will be next in line for dismissal.George Archers

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