Stupidity or cunning? Why does the Prime Minister of Ukraine Goncharuk came to a concert of neo-Nazis

Глупость или хитрость? Зачем премьер-министр Украины Гончарук приехал на концерт неонацистов

© screenshot from a video Stranaya the Speech of the second person in the country from the stage, where the rampant neo-Nazi group in itself scandalous, especially that organized this concert Andrew Medvedko from C14 through in the murder of an Elder as one of the main accused. But much more interesting to understand why still Goncharuk came to this event?“Prime Minister of Ukraine came to congratulate the veterans at the veterans ‘ concert party. Organized Andrew Medvedko to “movement of the veterans of Ukraine”. Victory is ours! Glory To Ukraine!” — wrote yesterday evening Telegram C4 leader Yevhen Karas, having published the corresponding photos.

Honestly, at first I thought it was a prank. Someone like made the scene, and Carp decided potrollit the public, writing that it is the Prime Minister of Ukraine. Moreover, on page Goncharuk in social networks about it was nothing.

Глупость или хитрость? Зачем премьер-министр Украины Гончарук приехал на концерт неонацистов

But then I went to the page the new head of the Ministry of veterans Affairs (to be precise, in the new government, this Ministry was combined with the Ministry of the temporarily occupied territories) Oksana Kolyada and found a photo and video report of the concert.”Breaking the stereotypes. Veterans cool! Defender’s day is a big party. This is a cool rock artists and many of their. So warm and well long gone! Alexey Goncharuk, one-time head of the government did not do this! Respect from everyone!” — quite in the spirit of Karas wrote carols (in my opinion, is too ingratiating for the Minister).

I won’t devote much space to the creativity of “sokira Peruna”, since even in 2014 published a great article about it. Previously, the group will proudly say that her first performance took place on 26 April 1998 at the Kiev concert in memory of Rudolf Hess (Deputy to Hitler at the head of the NSDAP, which became after the war a symbol of “unbroken allegiance to the ideas”), on her albums adorned with German soldiers in a tank, and her songs are included here such passages: “the Iron eagle, black swastika Is a symbol of freedom and struggle / the Aryna response to threat / the sign of Perun for us through the centuries!” (“In the name of justice,” 1999).

It is also interesting that the first vocalist of this group were arrested for massacre of 13 April 2002 pogrom of Kiev synagogue, and later with the “Sekirei Perun” was closely connected group of right-wing terrorists blew up 20 August 2004, a bomb in the market in Kyiv district troyeschina.

Another thing is that in recent years, “sokira Peruna” is associated anymore with the volunteer movement — “Right sector”* (soloist group was composed in 2014 in the leadership of this party) and “Azov” — speaking in 2014 at the concerts of the “Eastern brotherhood” and releasing the album “the Road to the ATO.”However, most likely, Goncharuk never heard of such a group. Judging by his performance, whose video was uploaded by the Christmas carols, the Prime Minister was sure that is “just for some event veterans ATO” (although it was a banner in the background of “sokira Peruna”):

“I’m not going to say a lot of some words. I want to tell you one simple thing. Thank you that you are! What you have, gives us the opportunity to live in the land of peace, in peace, and to do what, I think we’re good. We work for you, I work to ensure that Ukraine remained the strongest. We all want Ukraine to become truly strong, to have resources to Finance our army, our girls and lads who every day sacrifice their life, part of your time, so we had the opportunity to live in free and successful Ukraine.”

In General, the set of template greetings, not bound to a particular concert. However, at this event, if the fate of his Nazi specifics, this set sounds, to put it mildly, outrageous and ominous. After all, these people, that is, neo-Nazis, can really think that the government works for them.

The question is, why Goncharuk brought to this event? Versions several.

The first is a personal initiative of Christmas carols, which have long been familiar with many veterans and seeks to raise his reputation in their eyes. It is no secret that headed by it on 30 August the Ministry of the volunteers have long been accumulated a lot of unpleasant questions.The second — that is an attempt to “lower passions” on the March of nationalists on October 14. Many people go into it with confidence that in the power of enemies and traitors, the case may go to storm the Parliament building (as it was 14 October 2014 and 31 Aug 2015) or the Office of the President of Ukraine. And then just before the Prime Minister arrives on Veterans Strong Party, the information is immediately posted on social networks in the context of “Yes, it is for them the” (someone writes with enthusiasm, someone with conviction). Protesters the next day in confusion — so in power and not enemies? Or all enemies?Third — what is the idea of the Fish for positioning of their projects, including “the society of the future”. It is impossible not to note that even the poster of the concert as something clearly appealed to the symbolism of the party. Formally, the organizer of the concert — “Movement of the veterans of Ukraine” (associated primarily with the “Right sector”*), but really, as mentioned by Karas, arranged his Medvedko, and acted as compere the leader of the C14. However, the organization stressed it is not calling for protests on 14 October.

It turns out that “the society of the future” and trying to get away from the reputation of “street fighters Poroshenko“, and show your ultrarealism, and their proximity to power (the first without the second stupid). And involuntarily thought creeps in earlier, the Carp has repeatedly said that money from the organizations to the polls there, and suddenly now creates a party with the sight on nation-wide scale. Surely there are new patrons and new money?Vladislav Maltsev

* The activities of organisations banned in Russia.

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