Styling: how to make a beautiful styling for your hair type

Styling the hair: the first and main step to success.

Стайлінг: як зробити красиву укладку для вашого типу волосся

Hair styling is not an easy task for many of us. Most do not use it in everyday life, it is considered unnecessary and complicated, informs Rus.Media.

Women, try a couple times to do the laying yourself, throw up totally disappointed. But modern styling products allow you to quickly and easily style your hair at home is no worse than a top stylist in the salon. It is only necessary to understand some of the nuances and reveal a couple of secrets to specialists.

Hair type when choosing styling products plays a very important role. Let’s see which products are right for your type.

Oily hair is usually very bad keeps laying through the increased production of sebum. They lack the volume to get dirty quickly and the wrong foods only worsen the situation. Your choice should go for mousse and foam hair with light texture strong hold, which often contain absorbent components. Will also help dry shampoo applied at the roots before styling. So you extend the sense of purity and stability of the hairstyle.

Dry hair should be using alcohol-free products, which include the composition of the oil, keratin and other moisturizing ingredients. There will help you hair lotions, soft creams and mousses. Try to avoid products with spray degree of fixation and thermo instruments. Plus, dry hair is that they hold their shape well.

Fine hair: avoid heavy mousses and gels, as they can only complicate the already lacking amount of curls. Use a sealing spray or serum that will create additional volume at the roots. To fix the hair style will help the Lac average and easy fixing.

Sensitive scalp: the main rule of styling products such type is no flavorings and dyes in the composition. Give preference to hypoallergenic compositions. Now such funds have many professional manufacturers, such as Schwarzkopf Professional, Wella Professionals Londa Professional or.

Curly hair: the most suitable tender gels for hair and the other has a creamy texture. Do not use products based on wax, because it can glue and contaminate the curls.