Subaru is going to significantly upgrade the lineup

Subaru собирается существенно обновить модельный ряд

Subaru stated that by 2022 it plans to start producing electric car, in 2023 due out of the pipeline of new hybrid, by 2024 it is planned to launch a series of new “global strategic SUV.”

All these plans, however, is completely tied to the new company policy, which not long ago was accused of concealing the real data on efficiency and emissions of their cars for five years. Now, Subaru is planning a series of reforms of the corporate culture. All this is done to significantly improve the sagging image of the company.

Subaru also will introduce a number of initiatives aimed at improving the quality and safety of their cars, which will spend about $ 1.3 billion over the next five years. And by 2030, the Japanese manufacturer hopes to eliminate the risk of fatalities in accidents involving Subaru models. To do this, the technology improves driver assistance and safety technologies.

Subaru собирается существенно обновить модельный ряд

Ambitious plans of the company include the release of updated versions of key models every year, as well as the increased emphasis on sporty models.

It is reported that the new model should be more economical and more environmentally friendly than its predecessors. In the framework of the fight against emissions by 2021 Subaru will produce a “muffled turbo engine” and will work together with Toyota on the development of new core technologies for electric vehicles.

In the opinion of management of the Japanese automaker, these efforts will help the company increase sales of its cars to 1.3 million units by 2025.

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