Subban and Prust fought in the bus

Subban et Prust se sont battus dans l’autobus

The former player in the Canadian Brandon Prust has fought many times on the ice, but one of its most important battles took place outside and has possibly led to his departure from Montreal.

The athlete is now retired and has received a punch in the bus after a game. The author of the coup? A certain P. K. Subban.

The history dates back to the 2014-2015 season and occurred during a trip to Florida. Subban was part of the group of leaders of the CH, and he explained to his teammates that the team would stay a few days in the south of the United States, but that no one should have to go to Miami.

Despite this directive, the defendant had the intent to break his own rule, after the clash against the Panthers, according to Prust.

“After the game, I am ordered to me undress and then quickly direct me to the place where we entreposions our clothes, he told during his visit to the podcast, Spittin’ Chiclets. I looked in the bag, P. K. and there were clothes for his stay in Miami. I took his shoes and threw them in a place where it was impossible for him to find them one day.”

“It was a way of my own part and that of the team to tell him that he had screwed up.”

“For two weeks, he asked everyone who had taken his shoes and nobody told him. But hey, a little rat, which I will not name, said to him,” added Prust.



The revenge of P. K.

A few weeks later, Subban has wanted to return his own coin to his team-mate.

“In the last game of the season in Toronto, […] we carry in a shootout and we emparons of first place in the Association of the Is. Everything is great. I change and my cell phone was gone.”

This is obviously Subban, who had the precious object of Prust. The attacker confronted the thief and found his phone in one of his socks.

“In the bus, P. K. continues to tire me, said Prust. I tell him : “it is finished, I found my cell and you know that I took your shoes.” P. K. then told me that he was going to take over my phone and he was going to destroy it.

“I told him that if that was the case, I was going to pass him the K. O. He stood up in the bus. […] I woke up also. It struck me, and everyone rushed to separate us.”

By his own admission, it is perhaps this battle which put an end to the stay of Prust in the quebec metropolis.

“Two days later, I received a call from my agent and he asked me to apologize, remembered Prust. Why should I apologize? A few months later, I was exchanged. Maybe I would have had to excuse myself.”

In fact, on June 1, 2015, the native of London was traded to the Vancouver Canucks versus Zack Kassian and a pick of fifth round in 2016.

Nearly five years later, Prust is definitely more bitter compared to this story.

“I like P. K. and I would take on my team anytime”, he said.

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