Subside in Ukraine: CabMin rospoli hto Atria

Субсидії в Україні: у Кабміні розповіли, хто отримує

It became known that scho in Listopad 2019 rock smaller number of gromadyan zvernutisya for a grant to powers, in Parveen s Tsim same period of the hour in view from the past year.

Zgidno zi words Muzychenka, mayzhe 3 mlion people otrimali a grant from Listopad 2019 the rock s them of about 2 mlion – christalina plikami from power.

Also, of the Muzychenko zaznaczyl scho push stroke ostanni two months for subsidy svernulos 60% gromadyan less than the push stroke analnogo period view from the past year.

He podomys scho data currently average subsidy for one sklada 800 UAH lyudin scho Mauger dorveyami 20-25% snizz.

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