Subsidianes will have to pay more for communal

Субсидиантам придется больше платить за коммуналку

From may 2020 in subsidies the Cabinet of Ministers has increased from 15 to 20% of the average total household income of the norm of a payment for housing and communal services. This is done after the Cabinet has simplified the grants for the three categories of Ukrainians.

This is stated in the decree of the Cabinet №878.

In the Cabinet resolution No. 1156 of 27 July 1998, amended that the amount of expenses set for housing and utilities and the acquisition of household fuel in the provision of housing subsidies.

It is noted that the size of obligatory payment for households that receive a housing subsidy, defined as the proportion of average monthly gross household income to calculate subsidies. Thus, this payment may 2020 will be calculated taking into account the basic norms of payment for services 20% the average total household income, not 15% as it is now.