Substantial losses to the Granby Zoo

Des pertes importantes pour le Zoo de Granby

GRANBY | Granby Zoo has lost significant amounts of money since its closure six weeks ago due to the pandemic of COVID-19.

In fact, in spite of the income non-existent, the zoo must continue to take care of the boarders as it is for expenditure which it cannot cut.

Prolong the shutdown of its activities would have serious consequences on its finances.

While the zoo is closed since 14 march, the management of the establishment, waiting to hear the plan of déconfinement for the tourism industry in Québec.

The leaders say they are ready to reopen the facilities in a responsible manner and safe for visitors. They don’t want to imagine that they are prohibited from opening for the summer season, since 75% to 80% of the annual revenue of the zoo are generated during this period.

Meanwhile, the expenses start to accumulate.

Each month, the 1500 residents consume between two and three tons of castings and about 80 tons of hay. Alone, the four gorillas eat nearly 200 pounds of lettuce per month.

These expenditures in food, added to those for medicines and care, represent significant fixed costs to bear during the closure. Up to now, these expenditures would amount to between 200,000 and $ 300,000, according to the nonprofit organization.

This year, the zoo will unfortunately not receive groups of schoolchildren from the mid-may.

It will be necessary to limit the number of visitors to its site, close its water park, as well as its thematic pavilions and prohibit the activities of contact with animals.

The zoo, however, is ready to submit to all requirements and implement all the health measures that would allow it to reopen as quickly as possible.

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