Substitute at will: why do we need new rules for selling milk

PHOTO : Svetlana Rodina, “the WORLD 24” / Author unknown


Palm oil is now visible from afar: from 1 July natural milk and products made with vegetable fats in Russian stores should be separate from each other. The new rules the government introduced in the winter, today they came into force. To find out how they work, the correspondent channel “WORLD 24” Mikhail Pranovich went to Moscow supermarkets.

Where is the milk and where only its semblance, to determine it becomes much easier. Sour cream, cheese, butter now can be called only products made from pure milk or cream. The price tag on this 100% jelly should stand special marking – BSMI. That is, without the dairy fat substitutes.

As for surrogacy, it now must also be especially noted on the counter. Information about mixed composition should be present not only on packaging but also on the price tag.

For example, the Bank’s so-called sour cream. Take, read the ingredients… the sour Cream is now and not call it milk-containing product. See: the price tag on this information is.

And in that case, if the surrogate product of natural milk content below 50%, and milk can not be named. In General, the word “milk” in the title should not be – now it’s the law.

“It is very important for myself, for my family, to poison I don’t want. When it says “cheese” or “milk”, and in fact, it is not clear that pay is not clear what, Fakes, of course, had a lot of”, “In Soviet times it was better – all natural. So, of course, better – we know that natural, which add these oils different,” was the opinion of buyers.

Will help the new rules and manufacturers. Early natural products to compete with the fakes on the counter was a challenge. The name, in fact, one – “Milk”. But that’s the price of fake has always been lower, and the demand for it, as a consequence of the above.

We now introduce consumer confusion is almost impossible. And if the customer got to the counter the milk, he can be sure that home will bring a natural product.