Success crowd at the Fêtes de la Nouvelle-France

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    The organizers of the Fêtes de la Nouvelle-France is pleased to see the success of the 21st edition which ended Sunday.

    Pierre-Paul Biron

    Sunday, 13 August, 2017 22:57

    Sunday, 13 August, 2017 22:57

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    The organizers of the Fêtes de la Nouvelle-France draw a balance more than positive of the 21st edition, which ended on Sunday and which has been marked by the return of the event on its original site, and by a component of 100 % the settlers completely crazy.

    The director-general of the event admits from the outset, she and her team were delighted to return to the Place of Paris.

    The organizers are also fallen under the spell of the new site in Place of the Rowers. In fact, if the activities and entertainment to ensure the success of the event, the enchanting setting will also have had a role to play this year, ensures Melanie Raymond.

    “It was really beautiful. We saw photos circulating on the web with the Castle on one side, the river and the cruise ships of the other, it was a panorama of perfect. “

    Still a move

    The final return to this place will be impossible, however, due to the installation of the public market satellite Instead of Paris next year. The organizing committee, however, did not intend to return to the city centre; it has already done the prospecting elsewhere in old town.

    “This is the puzzle that we face, but we are already in solution mode. The wish is to remain in this sector because of the back-and-forth, but mostly because “the investment stage is minimal. We’re really at the place where it all began and there’s nothing to hide in the decor here. Everything is already very New-France “, explains the director general.

    100% success Settlers

    On the side of the programming, the pane 100 % settlers introduced by Marto Napoli has done it again fury. That this is the launch of the chicken, the challenge of the needle in the haystack or the race of wheelbarrows, the public was at the rendezvous and especially highly motivated to make up the feast.

    Added to the programming in the last year, this component will definitely be back in the future.

    “It allows us to truly democratize the Holidays. This is more than just dressing up or attend conferences, we live in New France and there are ways to do it in a playful way and in the family, ” Ms. Raymond, adding that the performances of Cayouche and Core have also been successful.

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