Succession: what is the type of will that suits you ?

When a death occurs, many questions arise for the entourage of the deceased : who handles the estate ? Who inherits ? How to distribute the goods ?

If you want to decide all of this yourself, it is time to make your will !

Expensive, but practical : the notarial will

As its name indicates, the “notarial will” is prepared by a notary. Once finalized, the notary must read the testament. You must then sign it in the presence of the notary and a witness.

The notarial will will cost you generally between $ 300 and $ 400, or more depending on your situation.

Your loved ones will not have to pay anything after your death.

Without a notary : free to produce, but…

The “holographic will” is drafted and signed by you entirely at hand.

It can be done without a witness, but it is better to tell at least one close to where you will keep this document !

The “last will and testament before witnesses” can be written by you or by another person. If it is written by another person, or if it is produced to the computer and then printed, you and your witnesses will need to put your initials or your signature on each page of the document.

Attention : your two witnesses must be of full age.

Also, a person may not be both witness and legatee : it is unnecessary, therefore, to bequeath your assets to someone who will be a witness to your will.

These types of wills don’t cost you anything, except if you use the services of a lawyer to help you.

However, a will drafted without the notary must be verified to the result of the death.

The cost of the procedures of verification is approximately $ 1,000 which will be paid by your loved ones. They can then reimburse themselves out of the estate.

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