Süddeutsche Zeitung: the U.S. and Germany are in a state of cold peace

Germany and the United States exist in an atmosphere of mutual discomfort, writes the correspondent of the Süddeutsche Zeitung, Stefan Kornelius. Berlin realized that the long arm of America will not necessarily act to his benefit, as well as Germany was in the position of playing catch-up. To do without US she can’t, but with them are not doing particularly well — so the German government should as soon as possible to reconsider their positions in foreign policy.

Süddeutsche Zeitung: США и Германия находятся в состоянии холодного мира

ReutersГермания and the United States live in a state of cold peace, says the correspondent of the Süddeutsche Zeitung, Stefan Kornelius. Without the United States in Berlin, nothing comes out, but with them all not very well, he said, calling Germany as soon as possible to revise its foreign policy.

There were times when the visit of the American Secretary of state in Germany has not attracted much attention. There was a time when the US President used the anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall in order to mark your own celebration. There was a time when the German government almost weekly sent their representatives across the Atlantic for approval of important issues. All those days are gone and the new has not yet come, the journalist stresses.

“Germany and the United States live in a kind of cold world. Given the situation in Washington is not bad, but not good,” writes Stefan Cornelius.

At this time, the US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo arrived in Germany with two-day visit, which testifies to this “mutual discomfort,” says the author. On the one hand, Pompeo goes to the “land of memories” and the places of his past, where he had been as a Lieutenant in the land forces during the cold war.

The desire for memories of typical and suggests that Pompeo, as tens of thousands of Americans, connects Germany with his biography in a positive way, says the German journalist. But in the end everything happens like a visit to an amusement Park: the real world remains outside.

In the real world tension between America trump and Germany Merkel revolves around the same themes of “Nord stream”, unequal terms of trade, defense spending. The charges do not become more loud, and it speaks of mutual care with which each side comes to the matter.

Merkel’s government is not looking for open conflict with the United States, because the complaints and lamentations can not help to solve the problem, and for the rational treatment of the White house recipe is not yet invented. In turn, the administration of the tramp avoids the really major clashes, which can provoke, for example, withdrawal from NATO, or a large-scale conflict over customs duties.

“In this present world Germany was once again scolding the country”, — the correspondent of the Süddeutsche Zeitung. Somehow she reached that the USA will no longer play a role in its political Genesis as it was before. The voters and those they elected, felt that the appeal of gauck to greater awareness of their responsibility in foreign policy was correct. But what exactly this means is still often remains too unclear and abstract, annoyed the author. According to him, experts are not smashed to smithereens offer Annegret Kramp-of Karrenbauer on Syria only because it contained the “spark of strategic awareness”, which in Germany is rare to observe.

As emphasized by the publication, the United States remains in Europe considerable power, even when the alienation takes over. Visit Pompeo needs to recall that the “long arm of America will not necessarily act for the good of Germany.” At the same time, America remains in Europe, factor of power, even if the current administration in Washington had no such intentions. This is evidenced by “the Syrian confusion trump” or moving troops into Poland.

In such circumstances, the government of Germany as soon as possible to re-measure the length of their leverage. Foreign policy without the United States is now impossible to imagine — neither in Afghanistan nor in the middle East, even in what concerns the protection of the nearest neighbors and allies, for example, in the Baltic States.

Foreign policy against the United States or even the alleged neutrality between the poles of China and America would also be impossible. Germany should have too much for myself to clarify — regardless of the visit of the American Secretary of state, concludes the journalist of the Süddeutsche Zeitung.

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