Sudova reform Mauger stagnates – Goncharuk

Судова реформа може затягнутись - Гончарук

Sudova reform in Ukraine Mauger stagnates on decline months, but Vaughn definitely borne by buyer result. About TSE saying Prem courier-Ministr Ukrainy Oleksiy Goncharuk pid hour to you on Kisekae miniratna Economou forum.

“Minsterstvo ustic possess state on storage rules normalno system vikonannya contract. TSE those scho mi vzhe Robino, and quality of work for this reason home bude zbrisati” – said Goncharuk.

H Yogo SLV, so she’s got history vabalas s courts.

“There skladisce. VI do you know the CCB uchwalenie Parliament of the bill for the restart reform Sadovo systems. I wry in those scho VIN borne by buyer svoï results. Then the robot is not only the Uryadov, and vs Nacho team. I think that chasi TL reform, perhaps, nakladne, won, perhaps, stagnates on decline months, and results mi atrimana shodam. Ale chomu sure I don’t somnevajus – in fact, that the situation s konem day bude pokramovitch” – said VIN.

Nagado, 7 Listopad joining from du the law “About mix application rate of changes to the Law of Ukraine “About the status sudostroy I soddu”, yaky 6 Listopad Bulo posted in itsyou vidan of the Verkhovna Rada “Voice of Ukraine”.

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